I'm the owner of the above phone number. I work for a company that contracts with newspapers. We do customer service calls to EXISTING customers of the papers to see if the service started and follow-ups with customers who have had problems. Per company policy we are to let the phone ring 4 times before hanging up. We can't leave a message unless the newspaper gives us specific instruction to do so. Once we reach the end of the call list the names and numbers are recycled so you may receive more than 1 call in a day. If you happen to be on my call list the next day you'll probably receive another 2 calls from me or calls from another representative.

I work from home and once I upload the files the paper sent me for that day I don't answer the phone. If you call me back during the hours I'm working I'll either answer the phone or it goes to voicemail and I'll call back IF you leave me your name. I don't have caller ID on the phone I use for work so I have no way of knowing who you are otherwise and I can't look up phone numbers in the database they send me, I can only search by name. I use an automatic dialer so I don't recognize or remember the numbers dialed.

 Oct 03rd, 2007