Over the past few months, this number has called us a few times, each time either hanging up on me as soon as I answered or asked for a person who hasn't worked here in nearly a decade. Today they called again, again asking for the outdated information, and when I told them that SoAndSo hasn't owned the business in X years, he asked for the owner.

The voice on the other end was a low-pitched, low-volume male who spoke with diction so horrible I almost couldn't understand him (not an accent, just plain didn't care about how to speak clearly). I told him that the owner wasn't in, and I could answer any questions he had-- and he mumbled something about his boss wanting to introduce himself to my boss.

When asked what company he represented, he answered "A.B.S." which told me nothing-- when pressed for information, he told me it was a "research firm" and assured me it wasn't a sales call, to which I can't help but think "yet". I very firmly told him we weren't interested and not to call back, but I have a feeling they will.

Googling for this "A.B.S." and research firms in my area (as it was a number with same area code as ours) got me nothing, as did searching for the number. Not even directory listings. Highly suspect at worst, a waste of businesses' time at best.
 Feb 18th, 2010