This shows up on my cell as a reported telemarketer from Aurora, Ohio. I'm not getting results for many of the numbers I've been getting calls from.

Nothing comes up here! Are people not posting as prolifically as they once were? Regardless, the call filtering program that came preinstalled on my phone put a caution up about this number (and a few others) as 'reported telemarketer'. Such a number gets an Amber colored icon that appears as it rings suggesting answer if you want; use caution! In the call log it is also Amber.

Some that are 'confirmed' problem callers are prevented from even ringing in. Those go directly to voice mail. In the call log they are coded Red.(Google Support called to help me with something and were coded Red. I changed the status to green OKing it.)

As an aside, I have only received telemarketer & robo-calls over the past few weeks. I wasn't sure if I had registered my cell #, so I called them earlier. They checked their database to see if the # was registered, which was since 2012. I'd forgotten!

Maybe I was lucky being spared the bother but,I still keep a landline with a different # so if I need to give a phone number for something, I have it to use. It's cheap enough and also has a call blocker on it. I'm very selective with whom I share my cell number.

I've come here several times now to try to find more information about who is being blocked on my cell since the phone app just says what's been reported but there are no comments to see. I keep drawing a blank on probably 75% of the numbers. I wonder if this because so many people's only phone(s) are cellular and the apps that screen like mine need zero input other than maybe OKing a number so it can ring in on future calls.

I'm going to run a couple others and rather than retype all this, I'm going to paste it since it holds true no matter the number I searched.
 Jan 11th, 2017