Debt collector named RMS. These are vulture collectors attempting to sucker people into paying out-of-date bills. They NEVER pay the original creditor. Their Better Business Bureau (BBB) record reflects poor business practices. Any payment to them is a waste of money-payments are NOT reflected on your credit record. Better approach is to demand they document the debt. Since they will not be able to do this, you will then be able to challenge any negative listing with the credit reporting bureaus who are required to delete unsubstantiated line items.
Also 877-567-2620
TM Baker
 Mar 01st, 2012
You daughter must have used you as a reference and given out your current contact information. Ask her.
 Feb 21st, 2011
Asked me to hit 1 if I was my daughter, 2 if I was not. I hit 2, it asked me to hit 1 if I could go get her, 2 if I could give her a message. No other options. This daughter has not lived with us for 16 years and 4 houses ago.
 Feb 21st, 2011
I just got a call from them saying that our Sprint ccount has been in collections since Dec...it is now July I would think if we never paid our bill our cells phones would have been turned off by now! The Indian man couldn't give me a correct name on the account and gave a wrong address. He also couldn't even give me our cell phone numbers! Watch out people, this is some sort of scam trying to get us to pay our so called "past due debts!"
 Jul 29th, 2010
They were calling for an employee, they said this number was the number she could be reached in an emergency. - The woman's daughter died and they keep calling. I told them not to call this number it was a work number and I didn't want the employee taking any calls while she was working. She gave me a number 770-612-7681. I wanted an address to send a certified letter to stop harrassing my employee while she was working.
 Nov 22nd, 2008