When I pick up the phone no one is there. When I call back I just get dead air. It doesn't even ring through.
 Dec 11th, 2011
I've had many calls recently that leave no message when I don't answer. I'm on the Do Not Call list.
Fed Up
 Nov 22nd, 2011
The Elida Police Department is warning residents of phone calls soliciting money for a department teddy bear fund.

Chief Jeremy Hollis said he has received a few reports of people getting the calls. The caller asks for money for the fund, which gives out teddy bears at accident scenes. The Elida Police Department does not have such a program, Hollis said.

The call is coming from 330-558-8616. Hollis has traced it to a cellphone in Brunswick, south of Cleveland. He is looking for information to look into it further. Anyone who has received a call should call the department at 419-339-9481 or 419-339-2811.
 Nov 16th, 2011