OK Here's the scoop on these incessant calls from 330-479-0000,0003,0004 and 0006. It is a fund raising company, out of Canton, OH named UniVision. The March of Dimes has contracted with them to raise donations for the MOD (a wonderful organization).Univision insists they do not call after 9pm (false!) or on Sundays (false again) and if there is no answer they go on the the next number. I personally have received in excess of 20 calls! and like you, they don't leave a message, I can't call them back OR they hang up the second you answer. So Here's what to do:
Call the March of Dimes Hdqtrs in White Plains NY 914-428-7100 ask for fund raising dept and inform them that this Univision Company is tarnishing their good image by their guerilla marketing strategies. I informed MOD hdqtrs this am that my family has given to the March of Dimes for generations, however unless or until they sever their relationship with UniVision, we will not contribute to MOD again.
So Call and relay your experience(s) to Director of Fundraising for MOD.
They NEED to know!
 Dec 06th, 2007
Call came in one day after a call from 330-479-0001 which has been reported as March of Dimes
 Oct 02nd, 2007