This place is a sales position for the tristar vacums and they lie to you for the begining telling you that you could make a minimum of 1600 dollars a month but it isn't true because you have to run 55 demo appointments in thirty days to get the 1600 at the end of the 30 days which but its not like you get the full amount because it isn't your commission plus 1600 it is 1600 minus Ur commission and that's the problem they dont even give you the chance to get 55 appointments. In a month and a half they only gave me 30 appointments. And then they will tell you that you get 340 for each sale but what they don't tell you is if the people you sell to have bad credit you only make 35.00 and then to top it off if you do go on a appointment. Say all the way in rittman Ohio when your done with it say around 5 o'clock they'll. Have you sit there in a parking lot or something. Waiting untill 8pm untilled they say you can go home sense they couldn't get an appointment. In that area. So yes this place is a joke. Oh and watch out when you sign up to win a car or something in the mall because hats where they get there number's to call people.
 Apr 12th, 2012