I received a call on my cell phone from this number. I did not recognize the number, so I did not answer it. No voice message was left. After researching the number and seeing the comments below, I am glad I did not answer the phone.
 Feb 03rd, 2013
Deb and I had the same experience exactly. I pressed nine and then hung up. This is fishy for sure. He hung up on me when I told him I was busy.
 Feb 02nd, 2013
A man who sounded like a recording called on Feb 2, 2013. Said I had entered a survey and I had indicated that I was interested in job positions. I asked if he was even a real person and he said yes, although he sounded like a computer-generated voice. I definitely didn't do any survey like this online. He asked if I would be interested in a service to help connect me with employment. I said "No, I have a good job." He said thanks and hung up. Job seekers, beware. I'm sure this is a scam.
 Feb 02nd, 2013
I answered the call and a weird recorded voice simply said "Goodby". I called this number back. A recording said I had indicated while online that I was interested in employment positions.(This is not true). Instructed to press 9 if I was no longer interested. After pressing 9, I was asked to enter my telephone number which I did not do and I hung up. I then called the number again and pressed 1 to speak to a representative. "Joe" answered. I told him to take my name off his caller list. He hung up on me. If I receive another call from these people I will report them.
 Feb 02nd, 2013