This number calls every other day, does not leave a message. My boyfriend answered once and told them I did not live here anymore. They called back the next day asking for my boyfriend. Who ever they are, they are very annoying and call anywhere between 9am and 8pm.
 Jul 03rd, 2008
Has called twice without leaving a message. I returned the call and got a recording stating they were soliciting for support of the Children's Cancer Research Coilition.
 Jun 24th, 2008
After a bunch of hang ups on my answering machine I finally picked this number up. The caller didn't identify himself and when asked if I was (my name) I asked him "what is this in regards to"? He told me it was a courtesy call and he wouldn't tell me what it was about until I confirmed my identity. At that point I ended the conversation, so it remains an annoying mystery.
 Jun 24th, 2008
Keeps calling and doesn't leave a message. Annoying!
 Jun 23rd, 2008
Called at 4:30pm; no person at the other end of the phone, disconnected after twenty seconds.
 Jun 18th, 2008
Called just before 9 P.M. asking for someone that actually goes to work at 5 A.M. and was sleeping.
 Jun 18th, 2008