Heads up on this scam folks..............

Field health insurance Policy holders the American Chronic pain association and the National center for Chronic pain management of issued a serious prescription pain pill alert and responsive the alert in an attempt to stop the growing use an abusive prescription narcotic pain pills blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance has now authorized are providing of a revolutionary new pain relief medication to our policy holders suffering from physical pain or discomfort this medication is applied directly to the pain related areas. It is not narcotic an extremely effective this new pain relief solution is covered 100% by your bluecross blueshield insurance provider at no cost to you and your pain relief medication can be shipped immediately the only requirement is that you must be under the age of 65, so if you want an in media release from your pain and are under the age of 65 press 1 now to verify your address and delivery date again press 1 now to arrange delivery press 5 now to notify your health care provider that you have refused. shipment

You do not have to call your insurance to inform them that you want to refuse this shipment of pain relief cream which they want your confirmation of your address (just to make sure they have the right # with address for their scam) because the american chronic pain assoc & national something or other says you should get away from narcotic pain pills.

If your insurance company wants you away from this stuff, you will get a letter from them about the change, not use some so called call center for them. This should be a red flag to all who receive this kind of a scam phone call........it's not legit!

Besides, if your Dr. wants a prescription for something, he's going to write it. If he wants the specific kind of drug, he will write dispense as written on the prescription & it will have to be what he says & not generic form.

If you have any questions, call your insurance company up to verify something, don't rely on some bogus phone call.
 Nov 16th, 2016