I have received a call a couple of days ago saying that this number was "Microsoft" and that they were going to fix errors on my computer, I wasn't home at the time and wasn't able to stop my Girlfriend from letting them do work on my computer. Today December 4th, 2013 I came home and got a call from them saying they need to talk to my Girlfriend because they did work on my computer and wanted me to turn on my computer, I knew it was a scam and abruptly told the man that I won't and that he cannot remotely enter my computer. He then asked me again when my Girlfriend would be home and I told him do not call again. If I am called again about this issue after I remove all the products that were installed on my computer and or money is removed out of any account, this will go to the authorities.
David Krinkle
 Dec 04th, 2013