alway calls, no voicemail, believed to be associated with Kenwood and associates, they advertise to be an "Aggressive" debt collector. they buy old, settled, charged off debts and harass people with threats until they pay. Do your home work, check your credit reports and do some investigation...
 Nov 28th, 2017
325-439-5946 called me today (11/04/17) and when I answer, no one speaks - I don't hear anything in background, so I believe this is a 'robo-call'. I also received a call from 325-305-9363 yesterday (11/03/17), which I did not answer and no one left a message. I've blocked BOTH numbers.
 Nov 04th, 2017
Will not identify himself... says he calling about a business matter...
 Nov 02nd, 2017