this is showing up as abilene, tx # ~message was recording to Senior citizen about medicare~ but just stops in middle of message~ if in florida must have got tx Area code #
 Aug 01st, 2012
I can't say anything for calls from other locations, because I don't work there. But I *did* previously work at their office in Florida. For a very short time, since they apparently also have no qualms about attempting to scam their own employees. Whatever.

If you ask about their calls, they'll usually attempt to avoid giving you their location. However, there's the occasional person that will mention that their office is in Orlando. This isn't completely true. Its *near* Orlando, in a city called Casselberry. The office itself is a completely unmarked building with darkened windows, located behind a building called Ticor Title. If you weren't previously told that it was located there, you would honestly never figure it out on your own. We are never told of a callback number to give the people who ask. I don't even know it, as a previous employee, if there is one. However... via asking around with fellow employees, I did come up with one number. I'm not even sure its legitimate, as I haven't wanted to call myself. Didn't want to risk opening MYSELF up to this.

That number is 407-892-4470. Their office is on highway 436 in Casselberry. The street number of the building escapes me, but I looked up the Ticor Title street address. That is: 493 State Road 436, Casselberry, FL. The building is literally right behind them in a Google Maps search. Hope that helps, for anyone planning on taking action.

(Some extra info I've been digging up as I go. Posted this to the other pages/sites as well, figured I should just ad it as one whole post. Note that thanks to someone else, its become apparent that the above phone number I listed is not attached to the company at all, but to a contractor in St. Cloud, FL. Go figure, eh?)
Guess I'll add in some other helpful information. I happened to go and Google Maps search the Ticor Title office whilst posting this information to every other complaint site I could find. :) Here's the address for anyone interested: 493 State Road 436, Casselberry, FL

If you do a search, it'll come up. As previously stated, the call center's office is literally right behind Ticor Title. Ticor's building is kinda L-shaped. The offending office is sorta S-shaped.

Google won't put you directly on top of the Ticor Title building in a search, but if you zoom in, its easy enough to find the two I'm talking about. Its located between a blue-roofed building (Destination Debt Solutions) and a small light gray-roofed building (a restaurant called Cypriana).

I posted originally a few pages back with some information about this company, but I wanted to ahead and add this in as well for everyone. While it might not be the exact number/office harassing people, I figured taking out at least one of 'em is better than nothing, right?

Something they could stand to learn: don't cross the employee that frequents the internet. You'll probably regret it.
former worker
 Jul 24th, 2012