That number 323-999-1578 was on a Skype profile named iRu, who listed MY email as theirs. I kept getting update emails from skype addressed to iRu. Skype was NO help in resolving the issue, so I tried to log into Skype as iRu, said I couldn't remember the password, so they emailed (at My gmail email since that was listed in iRu's profile) access to iRu's account. I proceeded to delete my email out of her profile and changed her password, then called the 3239991578 phone number she also had listed, but only got a voicemail (phone number is a google number) where I told her to call me if she wants her new password. I have my doubts she will call. I'm highly suspicious of the whole thing, but I'm that way by nature.
 Jun 16th, 2014