This kind of calls are UNSOLICITED. If your phone number is in the "Do not call" registry like mine and if you never published it in a way that it could be easily discovered on social media (in other words: if it has been given for registrations only and it's hidden to users), you NEVER gave others permission to use it for any commercial purpose.
As other users wrote before me, I've never requested this company's services, even if in their voice message they "Believe I may want them". This is the typical philosophy of telemarketers: don't be fooled by people who write that these are "legit courtesy calls": they are NOT.
Know your rights and Law in general: Government is very clear about such conduct: As you can read, "A telephone solicitation is a telephone call that acts as an advertisement. (...) Companies and telemarketers must have your express permission to call. (...) If you receive a telephone solicitation that you think violates any of the FCC rules, you can file a complaint with the FCC."
You have the option of either add them to the reject call list of your phone (as I did) or, if you think these calls violate any of the FCC rules, you can file an online complaint with the FCC directly on their official website.
Unsolicited Calls Enemy
 Jul 09th, 2015
I had purchased a domain name from yesterday for a friend and apparently they are getting info from the web or them and calling people.
 Nov 06th, 2012
I found out the reason I'm getting unsolicited calls from 323-962-8600 is because I registered a domain with a few days ago. Now, when you register a domain name with, unless you uncheck a tiny little box at the bottom of the screen (with microscopic writing), a person from Legal Zoom "will contact you to offer free legal advice". What a joke. I didn't ask for this. It's an unfair way to get your consent to receive calls from Legal Zoom. I'm no longer registering any domain names with when they must resort to such shabby and deceitful practices. My research shows this maneuver of and Legal Zoom to be a grey-area when it comes to The Consumer Protection Act": this Federal Act states that the consumer must release his or her "express consent" in order to be contacted by a company through phone communications. Whatever the case, I'm filing a complaint because they call every morning and it costs me money since I use a pre-paid phone.
 Oct 30th, 2012