I have just recently started receiving these calls and I find them highly offensive to me and my beliefs. I have asked numerous time to not be contacted by this religious cult, they are dangerous and have no concern for anyone's privacy or feelings. How can they be stopped. These calls and the mailings are not requested or welcome!
 Aug 17th, 2015
The young and dutiful callers have always declared to remove my name from the call list then sought more information. Been like this with them over 30 years, gum that won't wear from the bottom of your shoe, or paper-proof sticky-turd needs a shower. High-order of nuisance, clearly a cult, and as one woman below describes, worthy of police involvement for stalking. We must be being "punished" for wanting nothing to do with them ... I mean ... no one would ever re-involve themselves with such persistent assh**es! MUST be PUNISHMENT!
 Jan 18th, 2015
Called my cell today for the first time. Luckily I was busy outside and didn't answer. I, too, was briefly involved with them back in the late '70s. Since then I've moved all over, thanks to Uncle Sam, and settled down in Colorado 20 years ago. They never contacted me before and I have no idea why they're trying now.
 Nov 03rd, 2014
I do not answer unknown callers. Read other comments here. They have been calling 2-3 times a day for about 4 days. Hopefully they will stop soon. BTW - love the feedback from others on this site.
 Aug 22nd, 2014
WARNING - This number is Scientology. Once briefly, about 15 years ago I took a class there. At the time I did not know what scientology was but as soon as I saw some of the shady things going on I left and had all of my money refunded - only after a huge amount of work. It was only a few weeks of contact and well over 15 years ago.

They now are stalking me daily with anywhere from 2 to 8 calls PER DAY!!! They somehow have obtained my cell number on the DNC list and called that. Also my home phone is on DNC. They are breaking the law calling me since it has been so long since I initiated contact. When I finally told them to stop yesterday (usually I just let the machine get it) they then had more PEOPLE CALL ME 5 MORE TIMES YESTERDAY!!!

They just called me again earlier today. I am sure there will be more calls coming. I can't even answer my phone like a normal person because I don't want to talk to them. I think the police need to be involved. Any organization that stalks someone so much, to the point they feel physically in danger, NEEDS TO BE STOPPED!!!!

I have never done any harm to them! I have been ignoring them whenever I can! But they will not stop badgering me!!! Something has to be done to stop them.
 Nov 12th, 2013
These people have called me for years... call my parents, boyfriend, etc...fortunately for me I don't answer unknown numbers on my phone, and will have nothing to do with them.
 Jul 25th, 2013
I have no idea how the Church of Scientology got my personal cell phone number, since I don't know anyone affiliated, but I have been getting calls from this number in "cycles" for about 4 years now. I'll get calls twice a day for two or three days in a row, then none for three or four months, then a couple days of calls again. Must be some kind of regularly-scheduled marketing or recruitment campaign. I just set the ringtone to "silent" for this number so the calls don't annoy me. I actually answered once, about two years ago, and asked to be removed from their call list. The young lady who called was polite, but determined to get my mailing address too, which I wouldn't give her. No idea how these folks got my cell number, but no WAY was I going to give them info about where I live too, if they didn't already know. She did agree to take me off their list, but it never happened. I still get the calls every few months, but just don't bother to answer any more
 Jul 11th, 2013
said they were cleaning up mailing lists.
 May 31st, 2013
Called me and asked if I lived at an address on rightwood and I said, no and I'm not interested and hung up. didn't give these people a chance to speak any further
 Apr 03rd, 2013
Unsolicited call from Scientology. They call twice a day for months. Told them to stop calling.
 Mar 07th, 2013
They wanted to verify where I lived, if I ever worked for Scientology, and if I ever bought the book Dianetics. She stated that they had me listed as a lifetime member. She wanted to send me a free DVD about what they are doing these days.
 Feb 16th, 2013
Same thing happened to me but somehow they got my direct line at work ?! :0 ALso they called my cell and have me under my maiden names which I have not used in over 30 years and my cell phone is not listed under it.
 Feb 04th, 2013
Called twice, no answer and no message first time. Second call person ID'd herself as "Rhoda" from the Church of Scientology mail room. She knew my name and asked if I'd previously lived at a specific address she read to me. I said no, and she said ok thanks and hung up
 Jan 21st, 2013
Idiots just keep calling.
 Jan 01st, 2013
Said they were looking for someone receiving mailings from scientology.
Asked for a person who didnt live here.
Very cordial, told them that person doesnt live here...
she said it was a wrong #
was actually very nice
 Dec 14th, 2012
Keep receiving call from this number but am never able to get thorough when I call back. Know now it is church of Scientology out of Los Angeles. They call morning, noon, night and LATE night. They are calling my cell number (I'm with AT&T so I believe they sold my unlisted number!) all the time and using my minutes. I getting totally pissed. Calling me at 10:30 pm (CST) scares the bejebesus out of me! All my family is in New England and when my phone rings that late at night it's because there is a death or accident in my family that I'm being contacted about. These idiots better start leaving me alone, especially because they are scientologist jerks!
 Nov 05th, 2012
They called my landline at 9:30, then immediately after, my cell!
 Sep 25th, 2012
no message- the caller ID reads California
 Apr 09th, 2012
They've called five times today and dozens of times over the past few weeks. I finally answered tonight at 9:23pm and was told that they had a package for my wife. We've never dealt with this cult and I told them to never call again. Then I filed the complaint with the NDNC Registry.
But I have no doubt they will blatantly ignore the law and continue harassing us. After all, they are above the law, right?
 Dec 08th, 2011
They did identify themselves as the church of scientology. The message that was left was they were trying to reach me to update their records (I am not a member of that crazy church). However, I was on a speed dialer. My cell phone, my home land line and my business land line all rang at the same time from the same number. Yeah, just trying to update their records - RIGHT!
 Apr 10th, 2011
Took a course back in 84, amazed they called. Hope this isn't going to be the start of a string of calls.
 Sep 12th, 2009