We'll well well.... I'm glad I'm a detective... Now I know it's not it first time and you really are a piece of shit
Lady red
 Jan 09th, 2014
My number is 323-248-0343.... I am a escort on backspace and citywide. Since I googled this number after a bad experience with this dude. I see he writes alot of nasty thing. I also see he stalks people. So I dont feel comfortable posting my info. To the point.... he called me up a skin for a half hour date. I said cool. I do t like to talk about prices and stuff over the phone so we talked about it when he got to my hotel. We agreed that he'd pay 140$ for an hour. He said he likes to pay after. I said cool cause he showed me the money.... in a fucking nutshell this nutty bar dude. Fucked me raw and decided he was only gonna give me 30 bucks. Im not really confrontational. But I stood in front of the door and refused to move u ntill he payed me. He yelled for me to move a few times. I said no. He said he was only gonna tell me one more time. I didn't expect this.... he grabbed me with both hands by my hair slammed me to the ground. I was more pissed then anything. So I grabbed his leg. He jerked away and kicked me in my face. Since I am a prostitute. I couldnt call the police because theyd bust me. This dude is fucking evil. I mean ive never dealt with this type of stuff before and ive Been in the game for 5 years.... if this number calls you for a date.....dont just hang up......warn your whole website. Horrifying experience. Hes no joke. He is to be feared.
beat senseless
 Dec 20th, 2013
That number has not been calling making such false claims. The poster saying so, miss chasity aka greek kate, is a liar. That number belongs to a cal osha employee, who was robbed by kate, and her crack addict boyfriend at gun point in the los Angeles lax area.
sir jones
 Dec 19th, 2013
Calls repeatedly. Says he is with the irs. That a law suit is pending. Due to my insufficient funds in my account that was to be removed every first and fifteenth of the month. For a remaining balance of 45,000. In increment payments of 2,000 a month. Would not give me any case number. Could not tell me the name on the account just kept requesting a valid credit card number security code and expiration date.
This number should be reported to all unwanted call lists for fraud. If any one gathers the callers name please file police report if he also trys to victimize you as well
 Dec 14th, 2013