I do not speak Spanish and so I did not understand the voicemail left on my office phone. I was glad to read the messages posteded here for clarification. I have been receiving the same kind of messages on my cellphone of this sort for several months. I have all my phones on the do not call registry and I file complaints which do absolutely no good. My solution: I purchased call-block software for my cellphone which allows me to auto-forward blocked calls to another number. I forward the blocked calls to another of the Spanish-speeking blocked numbers. Here they are: 403-791-8251; 403-649-6521; 323-876-1275; and 403-826-0413. Have fun!!!!!
 Sep 07th, 2010
We have been getting calls in Spanish every day for months - they don't (or won't) speak English. We don't speak Spanish and no-one near here does. If I call the number back no-one speaks English. AT&T won't help - they will change the number or provide call blocking for a fee. We can't change the number and I refuse to pay $60 a year to AT&T because some idiot in Los Angeles can't speak English. We've received hundreds of calls and can't get it to stop. They often wake us up in the morning. I even tried complaining to the FCC since we are on the "Do Not Call" list. I filed a report and will probably hear from them in 2-3 years.

Googling I found that lots of people are having the same problem - often with this same phone number. But there seems to be no agency or office that can address this. (Maybe AT&T is paying them so that we all buy their blocking service.)

This has got us VERY angry. We are tired of being woken up by these idiots. I just decided I am now supporting the Arizona immigration law.
 Jul 14th, 2010