I just got a call from this number stating that they sent out toners that I ordered months ago and haven't gotten their payment. The guy on the phone became very abusive and called me all kinds of names when I told him that all invoices are handled through our purchasing department. He told me that he has been trying to reach them but no one returned his calls and then accused me of stealing product from his company. I hung up and he called my number 5 times each time I would pick up and not answer, while he went on his verbally abusive tiraid. Finally when he called the 6th time and I said to him to let me explain how things work - he just cursed me out so I hung up. This was very unsettling because I wouldn't tell me the name of his company that "sells" toner therefore I couldn't even look them up in my emails. And of course he accuse me of being like "Donald Trump". I looked the number and realized it's a phishing number - scam. Horrible to do this at Christmas time - so unsettling
 Dec 23rd, 2017
I got a call similar to yours below about the toner. This is scam, please don't give out your information to these people.
 Aug 29th, 2017
I had a similar experience when I received a call from John from "Xerox" saying he'd send me a toner "for last year's price" and asked for shipping information. He knew the make/model of the printer. I told him that normally we order our toners via the intranet at work. He said yes but blah blah blah. Then I got a call from someone named Scott who sent me an invoice to sign, which I didn't. John called back and I told him I didn't want the toner. He was very rude (red flag) and said that I ordered it and said "aren't you the one authorized to order supplies?" I said I was but that wasn't how we did it. I said I don't even know if we need a toner. He curtly rang off. The following day I got another call from Scott who said he was "holding" the toner for me. I reported this to my risk manager at work and our phishing email department. These people also called a co-worker at another location.
 Feb 09th, 2017
Erica, that is an old bait n switch tactic that used to be done via snail mail. We used to get fraudsters sending our small office letters from Canada claiming we owed them money on fictitious orders, and that they'd settle for a lesser amount. They rely on nobody understanding or keeping track of inventory purchased.

They know your company isn't that organized, based on how often/how many job postings you put out for Office Manager, and such.

FYI, "Jason Todd" is a well known comic book character. That should've been the tip off right there.
Hey Erica W.
 Feb 18th, 2016
I work in an office. I received a call from Jason Todd yesterday from a private number. He seemed to know way too much about our copy machine i.e. Make, Model etc. He started going on about how his supplier was going to raise the price of our copier toner to over $500 but we would get it at a bargain price of $475 because their office had made a clerical error! Anyway, I called our copy machine service company and they informed me that this person was a scammer. I received a follow up phone call this morning from Scott from the above-listed number just following up about the phone call from Jason Todd yesterday. He said he was from the Shipping Dept. and that he needed to verify the make and model of the copier and asked what price I was quoted. After I claimed I didn't know the copier make/model and told him I wasn't authorized to make a purchase he said that he would put our order on hold. Apparently this is a "toner phoner" or "toner pirate" scam.
Erica W.
 Feb 18th, 2016