Call came in and ID showed a friends name and when I answered it switch immediately to Albatross MKTG but there was feedback on the line so I hung up. Friend called again. This time it did not display the friends name just Albatross MKTG. I told them the ID said Albatross MKTG and they told me that they were calling from their home phone, not their cell, and it was a direct line, not a calling card etc. What is going on! Watch out! Earlier I had called my Bank and my credit card to check balances.
 Jan 09th, 2010
Not only am I on their rotary speed dial, but they call my cell phone, too. Usually starting in the afternoon, they continue to call until around 11:30pm on the average of 6 calls a night (x2 with the cell). How can they be stopped?
Number 9
 Jun 15th, 2008