This guy drives me crazy, he staulks me everyday. He says I'm going to jail ,I'm winning a trip, I just got a loan and I didn't
 Jun 06th, 2013
michael rook is the name of the guy who is harassikng my wife and i hope my 40 voice mails to him will stop it
james reese
 May 31st, 2013
this person has called my wife several times today every thirty minutes. I left this persons voice mail filled with comments. I made about forty calls to this number. I dont think he is a collector. They dont have a voice mail like his. My wife has no debt. I know this because she is now legal with a new social. This guy knew her full name and claimed she owed money. This is a false claim.
james reese
 May 31st, 2013
A man calling himself Chris John, having a strong Indian accent, claimed that I owed some fraudulent amount of money. If I refused to pay he'd have to issue a warrant for my arrest.
 May 29th, 2013
For the record: The Statute of Limitations on collecting a debt is Federal Law. It is 4 years from the last time YOU initiated contact directly with either the original debtor or the current owner of said debt so if it has been 4+ years, never respond or contact them.

While you still legally owe the money, they cannot take any legal action including hiring "bounty hunters" or fake detectives. Should someone take such action you would have a Federal Lawsuit against the debt owner and the damage award would be in the thousands if not millions and the phony "officers" have committed a felony that could land them in prison for 5 years. A good civil attorney will take on a case like this for a contingency contract.
Masked Avenger
 Apr 24th, 2013
This is a "Zombie" Debit Colletctor that buys up out dated expired and uncollected debts and than calls making threats to scare you into compliance.

First off just because a debit has passed its "Zero Date"; that is the collectable date (7 years in most states 10 years in others) dont mean your free and clear. If it is a valid debt you still owe the money but after the zero date they can not take legal action against you to collect.

To make money off the debt they sell your information; useally included on a spread sheet with hundreds of names, numbers and addresses and start calling people claiming they have a warrant; or you will be arrested; or they wil attach your pay; garnish youre wages; or take your property. To make these; or any other threats is a violation of the Fair Debt Pratices and Collections Act and they become sueable once they violate the FDPCA.

Know that they can NOT do any of these things with out a court order and as the zero date has passed they cant take you to court.... UNLESS...

They scare you inot admitting the debt is yours; or getting you to give them so much as a penny; or agree to a payment plan. Once you do this they can legally re-age youre account and place you in to collections plus sue you for the full amount plus interest going back to day one. This is years of interest and can add up to thousands of dollars.

Never admit to any debt; tell them you have no knowledge of the debt; demand they send you certified copies of the original application with your actual signature upon it, also tell them to stop calling you and only communicate with you via US Mail.

This does a few things; if they call again you now have cause to sue for harrasment; they will know you know your laws and 9 out of 10 times they will go on to the next number on their list as they dont have the original documents and therefore can not provide copies upon demand as required by law. After all the only thing htey have is a list of names and phone numbers.

Anytime they call write down the exact date, time, their number, the persons name you spoke to and exactly what was said. Also if it is permissable in your state record the conversation; in most states only one party needs to be aware the conversation is being recorded and since you are a party to the conversation and doing the recording it is legal and admissible in court when you decide to sue them for violationg youre rights; violating the FDCPA and harrasment. And if you do things right you WILL win in court if they are calling about a zombie debt.

I learned all this after becoming a victim of ID Theft while stationed over seas; I got back to the states after 3 years to learn someone had a field day with my information nearly the entire time I was gone. I started getting harrased by Zombie Debt Collectors so bad I started to sue and won each and every time because I documented everything they said or did.

Beforewarned there is no Debtors Prison and you will not be jailed for oweing a debit unless its to a casino in Las Vegas Nevada or the debt is back child support. Some of these collections hire bounty hunters; or criminals to come to youre property dressed like detectives complete with fake badges; guns and handcuffs. Never let them into your home and call the police imeadately to report an attempted armed robbery as that is what this is. They have tresspassed upon your property; are armed and demanding money!
The Answer Man
 Apr 24th, 2013