They have a house for rent in menifee Ca for $900 a mo. want an $1800 deposit sent Western union and they will send contract and keys after they receive money. It is a L.A. number they say there are on a missionary service in Boston. Very bad connection on phone. I am sure it is a fraud someone could get taken for a great deal of money at a crutical time trying to move at someone takes your deposit money DISGUSTING SOB.
Darrell Wood
 Feb 28th, 2014
i sell items on craigslist , i receive a text from this number and insisted on me going into my email account to retrieve a code that craigslist supposedly has sent me, and this is all supposedly to verify if im legit, so i told him that there is a police station like 3 blocks away from my house and we could meet there and even ask the police officers about the phone i am selling , but he refused! he wanted me to go into my email account sooo bad!! when i didnt fall for it...he cursed me out , why did he wanted me to go into my email account? virus?...dont know but be careful with this number 323-6390194
 Nov 09th, 2013