This number belongs to the Scientology Freaks.
 Aug 13th, 2014
This is the Church of Scientology. It's been over 10 years and they keep calling even though I've asked many, many , many times not to call me. I've written at least 10 times to stop and they still call.
 Oct 09th, 2013
I agree with Tired over 3 years and they won't stop. East coast also so the phone ring late on Sunday evening when we are already asleep sometimes. I wasn't polite and didn't let Lisa talk. They call all 3 numbers we have 2-3 times a week. Just filed another complaint on the DNC for all the good that does.
Feed up
 Jul 11th, 2013
Time to put this number on the do not call list again.
 Jun 15th, 2013
I have been receiving phone calls from a lady from the Church of Scientology for the past couple of years, more recent in that past couple of months. They are looking for someone that shares the Name as I do, they always ask personal information and never reveling much of the purpose of the call, other then updating their records. I have explained that I am not this person they are searching for, yet they keep calling and each time they call they seem to have more information on me. This is scary, intrusive and plan harassment. The last time I received a call not more then 2 months ago, once again expressing to the person on the phone and once again requesting they stop calling me. I then told her that if I receive another call that I would report them. Well just received another call, I asked for their name, and phone number, the lady said her name was Lisa, never telling me her last name, I said I would call her back. She called back less then 5 minutes later stating that I was sneaky in the way I obtained her information and was therefore rude, I had her on speaker phone with my husband, he proceeded to explain to her that we have requested sever times to stop calling, she cut both of us off to make sure she told us of how she believed our tactics of obtaining the source of the call was coming from and said the I obviously was not the person they were looking for, would take me off their list ( never answering our question of, What list ) and hung up.

I would like to know if any one has reported them to the local police or Los Angeles Police Department for the Harassing calls. I find it extremely hard to believe that a Church would go to such extreems. What is going on behind the scenes. My conern is Check your credit, make sure there is no ID Fraud happening
 Mar 25th, 2013
My wife got the first call. Caller identifies as Jessica Marintez from the Church of Scientology. Wants to know if my wife is receiving their literature in the mail. My wife says no, and that she has not requested it. A few minutes later, she calls my number - asking for my wife. It's a phone my wife used to use. Asks if she can speak to my wife. I tell her she just did - that my wife didn't request literature. She presses to talk to her, saying that if she can just talk to her for am minute, she will never call again. Immediately after this, a third call. During the third conversation, she told me she was going through a list that goes all the way back to 1985 trying to find people who've requested Scientology literature. However, the street address she had for my wife is one she never lived at. If it really was the Church of Scientology, I wonder if this reflects a desperate attempt related to recent rumors that they're experiencing a dramatic fall-off in their membership. Or - if it was a phishing scheme from some other source.
 Mar 13th, 2013
Mailing department wants to "verify" if your address is correct.
 Feb 07th, 2013
Three times yesterday, once today, and a list of 25 to 30 other numbers for them, that Scientology Church, and they have been calling our phone number for five years. I used to answer and tell them that they have the wrong person, but so far, listening, remembering, respecting, and being courteous and considerate aren't in the Scientology church play book.
Like I would want to attend a church with such nitwits?
I blocked every number I could but I am limited to blocking ten phone #'s.
Here is my post from three years ago:tired
3 Nov 2009
Last night, today, it goes on and on and it has been over a year. 323-580-5513 and 323 580 5520 and 323-960-3223 and 323-833-1154 and 727-467-5212. There are calls that come in with no user id or as "Call 1" and I used to answer them. They said they were with scientology so I no longer answer them (some of those unidentified calls now are probably political - I dont know. Also, I am on the East coast, so it means that the 323 numbers are in a time zone three hours behind, and I have the honor of 10.30 pm and even later calls. Sunday night is the most common time.

This is a church? I am so tired. I have a common name so they dont believe me when I tell them that I am NOT the one they want. I am tired!
Their employees are creating enemies. I am normally quite tolerant of other religions but from the little I know of them, forget it.
Caller ID: 323 580 5520
Caller: scientology
Caller: Scientology
 Dec 28th, 2012
Scientologists continually call, three times a day in a short period. With Qwest's Security Screen, they just punch in some random numbers, so their actual number never shows up.
 Nov 26th, 2009
Call List from Scientology Los 800-858-5414/323-580-5520 Angeles, CA & 727-467-5212 Clearwater, FL:
June 1: 7:53pm from 323-580-5520(CA),
June 4: 7:53pm;
June 11: 9:32pm 323-580-5520(CA),8:45pm,3:43pm;
June 12: 7:29pm;
June 13: 8:32pm from 727-467-5212(FL), 8:10pm, 7:06pm from 727-467-5212(FL), 4:42pm;
June 16: 7:30pm from 727-467-5212(FL);
June 17: 9:23pm;
June 18: 9:01pm, 5:50pm, 2:26pm;
June 19: 7:54pm;6:31pm from 727-467-5212(FL); 4:33pm; 1:08pm;
June 20: 10:47am; 2:28pm, 6:01pm;9:32PM
June 21: 2:35PM; 7:24PM
June 22: 7:28PM

Too bad the memory in the phone is limited, I could posted a loads more!!
Still has a lot of patience to just ignored unknown numbers whilst thinking how to stop this harassement! Would be grateful if anybody who read this could give a suggestion for that ;)
 Jun 23rd, 2009