I called Pac-West who owns this number (thanks to someone else for tracking that much down), but they are not actually the ones using it. They do list this number as one of theirs used by what they call a business customer who then re-sells the number. The lady I spoke with was VERY nice and she said it's common for people to use numbers that are not theirs for 'spoofing'. She said she is contacting the business customer and that the line would be shut off so they cannot use it any more (that doesn't mean they wont find another number to use!). She also said i can complain to the FCC: If you get calls from this phone #, contact Pac-West 877-626-4325 and let them know because they don't want to be a part of this either!
 Sep 09th, 2013
I did it!! I found those pieces of s***!!
Pac-West Telecomm, Inc. 4210 Coronado Avenue. Stockton, CA 95204. 877-626-4325.
Call Customer Relations
This is the company responsible for all those crank calls being made to everyone. They use many phone numbers to annoy or try to scam you. How can they use so many phone numbers? They use a phone number generator that all telecomunication companies have to telemarket and should not be used to terrorize you! They have immature children working for them. Everyone should call Pac-West and let them know what their emplyoees are doing, call the BBB and file a complaint against them, and the Stockton, CA police and report Pac-West Telecom. This has been going on for years, let's put a stop to it know. Hell call a lawyer,
this is not just a crime, this is homeland domestic terrorism! Make them pay for stealing a bit of
your sanity, inflicting mental anguish opun you and your loved ones!!! I'm going to get me a lawyer!
 May 12th, 2013