The people running asta funding are assholes. The people running palisades collections are assholes. The people working at their call centers are assholes. Call me all you like...I will never pick up the phone, assholes.
Andy Rooney
 Dec 30th, 2012
Called my number but no message left. Call orginated from the coordinates Lat: 34.0926, Longitude:-118.2928, Location is 1152-1166 N. New Hampshire Ave., Los Angeles, Ca. 90029, ID is LSAN DA 02 CA.
 Nov 28th, 2012
11/19/12 received another call from this collection agency who is trying to reach someone else. I have no idea how or why they got my work number! I'm going to report this to the FTC. I've already added their number to the "do not call" they KEEP CALLING anyway.
 Nov 19th, 2012
the person has not live here at all
 Nov 17th, 2012
Even as a stranger to an alleged debtor caught in a skip trace dragnet, you are entitled by federal and state law to polite and honest treatment, else you can hose the collection agency in court on their dime.

My advice for a ''not me'' case can be found here, in a comment from 29 August 2012:
 Oct 26th, 2012
Received a call this AM from this number and have been for a couple of months. Today they left a message for the first time for a person but not me. I've had the same phone number for 30+ years. Not my bill and not my name.
good credit
 Oct 25th, 2012