My phone number is listed on the "National Do Not Cal List" and receives sooooo many unwanted calls. Thi is one of them.

They said they are calling me on behalf of US Government Grant.
The rep gave me the following information
His full name: Steve Parker
His ID: GV3599878WA
Call Back Number: 323-843-2852
Address: 349 West Glenn Ave, Los Angels, CA 9001

He had my name and address, but it was incorrect. My last name was half missing, and my apartment number was missing too.

He told me $5K Government Grant nevr have to pay back, and will deposit to my bank account within 5-6 working hours.
He asked following information:
Bank Routing and Account numbers.
My Age
Household number
Last 4 digit of SSN

I don't think Government call you from "Cell Phone, CA" and ask personal information over the phone.
Stop Calling Me
 Dec 27th, 2011