Scammers. Will try multiple scam attempts. Payday loan scam, attorneys, debt collector, tech support, grants, offered loans, etc. Indian accents, mostly a specific male but a female and a different guy will call occasionally. RELENTLESS. they do not give up even though you tell them they are a scam. They like to waste their time i guess. Remember, they can do NOTHING to you. You can not be arrested for any debt especially a loan. They will use multiple scare tactics but do not believe a word they say. Do not verify info even though they have right info. Mass identity theft is what they have done. Google "phony debt collector" to see more info on these guys. they are on the FBI web site, BBB, News sites, youtube, etc.
 Aug 27th, 2011
Scammer. Same voice (dummy), different name (LOL), different number (Get a life, quit using internet phones and throw aways like a wuss). Do not believe anyone from this number (especially the dumbass that usually calls)
 Aug 26th, 2011