I almost got skunked but the more he emailed, the sentence structure is what red flagged me. I have contacted the Michigan State Police, who told me that it was probably a scam and that I needed to let him know they are checking into it. It makes me angry and I will be letting Craigslist know this is a scam and that they need to block him. I just did a reverse lookup and found these comments. It just makes everything much clearer that I was right. Thank you anonymous and Chris for posting.
 Nov 03rd, 2013
I got contacted by this number from making a craigslist ad.
The person would not leave me alone even though I knew quite well that this was a scam.
They were offering me $500 a week to do basically nothing.
After I had told him that this was a scam, and I wasn't an idiot to believe it was real, he proceeded to text me.

I hope nobody buys into his little scam.
 Sep 22nd, 2013
I replied to a Craiglslist ad for a caregiving position. After being told that I would need to mail a portion of money to a third party, I researched scams and then when the check arrived... I called the originating bank. They assured me the check was a fraud.

I then get a call from an angry foreign man demanding I cash the check, which I told him was already destroyed. He angrily demands I go to my bank and put them on the phone. I replied in colorful language that it wasn't going to happen. He texts me from this number, and calls from an Unavailable number. I assured him I would be giving this number to the police. Extremely rude horrible person, on top of being a criminal. Only posting this so other people can benefit from finding this information online.
 Jul 09th, 2013