Solar Solutions....very bad phone connection. Static. #1 knowing you are a telemarketer and than #2, you calling and asking to speak to my husband as if you are a long lost friend and then either not telling me who you are or telling me you are from some home improvement company. All calls from 323 area codes are telemarketing!!!! My husband HATES, HATES, HATES to be on the phone and would NEVER EVER EVER tell someone to call him. He would say, call my wife!!! I despise telemarketers. I despise callers who want to fix my house 12x's a day. My call blocking phone is MAXED out with blocking numbers so don't leave me some stupid, idiotic notation of get a cal blocking phone. I have one. I get an enormous amount of telemarketing calls. The DNC list doesn't do squat!!! I have 4 cell phones and they get junk calls and junk texts all the time!!! BTW...I, the WIFE, make all the decisions in my house whether or not the fix it job will happen, you the home improvement people, if you don't like that...QUIT FREAKING CALLING MY HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Aug 27th, 2012