Claims to be the National Parks Conservation Association (which IS a legitimate charity) but if you call the number, they call themselves the National Parks "Conservancy" Association....... That discrepency calls to question the legitimacy of the caller, in my mind, sooooooo make your own judgement. I'm currently awaiting an answer from the real orginization to see if this is one of their call centers.
Bill C
 Jan 09th, 2011
They call 3-5 times per day - never leave a message. I called them back and told them to take me off their list.
 Nov 22nd, 2010
ID shows National Parks and the call comes in almost daily for a month. No message on the answering machine nor do they say anything when you answer. What is this?
 Jul 05th, 2007
ID showed National Parks. Did not answer. Did not leave message. Called 6/29/07 about 4pm
 Jun 30th, 2007