Tonight's call was the seventh (7th) from the same phone number since 4 Apr 2014. Five calls were 'hang-up calls' (no message left on answering machine). I answered two calls . . . . . including tonight's call . . . . to tell the 'person' on the other end to stop calling me. THERE WAS NO ONE ON THE OTHER END even they called me! I called their phone number tonight to tell them to stop calling me and WAS PUT ON HOLD, then told a 2nd time by a recorded message to continue holding . . . . . at which time I gave up and reported them to the FTC!
 Apr 23rd, 2014
Annoying. Constantly calls. No one of the end of the line.
 Jan 31st, 2014
Mary Ann: You're not welcome. You and Ms. Kampfe clearly don't understand what a mystery caller site is for. No one else reading this page can ''please block'' or ''remove your name''. These forums are strictly for call recipients to share their findings. They are NOT direct open channels to the phone bank boiler rooms we comment upon. (Same goes for your plea on 866-884-2839)

What you have is likely a commercial fundraiser. It may yet be Donor Services Group as reported last year, as they tend to be rehired annually by their charity clients, which themselves are often closet profit enterprises. Commercial fundraisers sneak in as Do-Not-Call exemptions but do not share the same protection as their clients. The FTC rules say: ''... if a third-party telemarketer is calling on behalf of a charity, a consumer may ask not to receive any more calls from, or on behalf of, that specific charity. If a third-party telemarketer calls again on behalf of that charity, the telemarketer may be subject to a fine of up to $16,000.''

Stubborn callers might play deaf to your demands. Send them a cease-comm notice via USPS Certified with return card. The FTC and many consumer watchdogs explain how to draft one. This will set a legal landmine, as such a notice is ignored at their peril.
 Dec 18th, 2011
Please remove my name from your calling and mailing list. I am on a fixed income and cannot be a supporter of your organization. Thank you.
Mary Ann
 Dec 17th, 2011
Please remove my name from your calling and any mailing list you have. I am on a fixed income and cannot be a supporter of your organization. Thank you.
Mary Ann
 Dec 17th, 2011
My mother gets weekly donation solicitation letters from Heritage Foundation. I have NO intention to ever answer these calls. Please block!!
Nancy Kampfe
 Aug 16th, 2011
This is not a scam. It is from the Heritage Foundation. I contacted the Heritage Foundation and here is part of the reply..

I offer my sincere apologies that you received a call from The Heritage Foundation with a California phone number rather than a Washington, DC phone number. Please rest assured that the phone call you received was from The Heritage Foundation. We have a contract with a company in California who places our outbound telemarketing solicitation phone calls and 100% of donations made over the phone are considered a tax-deductible contribution to The Heritage Foundation.
 Jun 22nd, 2011
This is
 Jun 22nd, 2011
Despite claims of a link, this is NOT the Heritage Foundation. I have been a member of Heritage for more than 20 years, and they do NOT call from California -- their HQ is in Washington, DC. Any call you get from "Donor Services" is a SCAM.
 Mar 17th, 2011
Thanks for the heads up. I actually like this organization, but I am not interested in contributing (frankly I couldn't if I wanted to) so I have blocked their calls.
 Jan 25th, 2011
Finally picked up the phone a couple days ago to see who was calling from this number. Got a recorded message telling me that it was a call from the "Donor's Group" (?) on behalf of the Heritage Foundation, and if I wanted them to stop calling I needed to call them back at the same number (which is a long distance call) and let them know (which, given some of the other comments here, would've been a waste of time and money had I been even remotely interested in trying it). I knew they were probably exempt from the Do Not Call regulations but filed a complaint there anyway. They called again today and I picked up just to see if it would be the same robocall. Nope, it was a live person who asked for "X" - "X" being a very common mispronunciation of my name among telemarketers, other cold-callers, and anyone who gets my number off some list without actually knowing me. When I asked who was calling I was told the call was from the Heritage Foundation and they were calling because I had supported them in the past. I informed the lady that I'd had this number for over 10 years, and had never "supported" them during that time or at any time previously and would not be doing so in the future, so please stop calling my number. The woman then proceeded to tell me in no uncertain terms that I had supported them in the past. I repeated that this was not the case, and again asked to be taken off their call list. She insisted once again that she was calling for a "Mrs. X" who had supported them in the past. Being female and single I'm pretty tired of unsolicited sales/charity pitches that ask to speak to a Mr. or Mrs. "X" as if any other possibility is inconceivable, so I told her there was no "Mrs. X" at this number. This woman then proceeded to start chewing ME out for not just telling her she had the wrong number when she asked for "X" the first time. I advised her that 1) the "X" she kept asking for is a mispronunciation of my actual name commonly used by people doing exactly what she is doing, including tacking an invalid "Mrs." on the front of it, and 2) it's irrelevant whether it's a "wrong" number or not since the person who has it does not support her organization and does not want them to call here for any reason. The woman then continued to insist that "X" was one of their supporters and that I should have informed herI was not this mysterious "X" at the beginning. I informed her that I had, in fact, told her that I was not one of their supporters as soon as she stated the reason for the call. She continued to argue that "X" was a supporter and b**** at me for not just telling her she had a wrong number until I finally cut her off and told her again that, wrong number or not, mispronounced name or not, she was calling a number belonging to a person who very clearly did not want to receive their calls and had no intention of supporting their organization and, having been informed of that fact, they needed to remove the number from their call list immediately. She was still yammering on about this "X" who supposedly supports them and has this number and how I should have informed her otherwise if that was not correct (I though I just spent five minutes doing that?) when I hung up on her. Normally I try not to be rude to people who are stuck with these jobs, but really, this call was just too much. Hey, lady, it's not my job to figure out whether or not you're just mispronouncing MY name or actually looking for someone else whose very similar name somehow got attached to a phone number they couldn't possibly have used for over 10 years.
Seriously no
 Aug 10th, 2010
Call Blocker doesn't work for 323-330-1426. What kind of power do these silly people have. I want them to stop calling.
Call Blocker
 Jul 30th, 2010
I just tried to call The Heritage Foundation 323-330-1426 no one answers. Instead there is a voice message stating that they are closed. There is no one manning the phone lines. We are not allowed to leave a message on their recorder. Their phone calls have to stop. This is an evil process. We should write to the Attorney General or our elected officials and ask them to stop these people from calling. I assume they are calling to beg for some type of donation, but they are behaving like creditors, with an automatic phone call mechanism.
Stop Them
 Jul 30th, 2010
Thanks for the lead to Heritage Foundation. I'll take care of it from here on in. Every day, three times a day, they call.
 May 04th, 2010
Anyone unknown to me who has the audacity to call my personal number and not leave a message on my answering maching gets blocked.
 Jan 16th, 2009
Yep, I requested supposedly "free" pocket copies of the Constitution as promoted with Sean Hannity. Guess this is how they try to get back at you. I've never been home when they've called. I have also turned my answering maching to "Calls cannot be accepted at this time."
 Jan 06th, 2009
Called shortly before 5. Said some Heritage Foundation that I was supposedly interested in. I said I doubt it & lady hung up. :-p
 Jan 02nd, 2009
It called today while we was out. I ws on their mailing list, but never gave thjhem my number. I have no idea how they got it.
 May 17th, 2008
Everytime I answer this call no one says anything. Never leaves a message either. I called the number had to leave a message and I did. QUIT CALLING!
 Nov 04th, 2007
No caller id; called once yesterday as well - no messages.
 Aug 28th, 2007