Asked for me by name and I stupidly said "Yes, that's me." Then he hangs up. It was a man (or recording) with an engaging, jolly-sounding cowboy type accent. I thought it was a sales call by the apparent friendliness, and as soon as he hung up I realized "On no....I said Yes!"

Now I have to start looking through all my online accounts and watch for ID theft or fraud. It is possible to open credit cards and get loans via phone by supplying information and then saying Yes. It's a popular scam right now. I have to practice answering without saying Yes! I wish I could just not pick up most callers that I don't know but I run a small business and I never know if I'm throwing away new customers so I always answer. Be careful, don't fall for this. Don't answer anything with a Yes.
 May 17th, 2017
called asked for me by name, when I said "yes, this is she" he said, "no message, thanks". I think it is to record a voice answer to be used for malicious purpose.
 May 05th, 2017
caller asks if head of household is there. is this one of those scams that if you say "yes", they record your voice answer to be used for malicious purposes? I told him i would not answer that and asked who was calling. Then tried to ask me if lady of the house was there. He refused to answer and indicated he's call back later
 Apr 13th, 2017