I looked up the number in reverse directory to get Fabian Aguilar number in Seattle. Didn't answer the phone. Has called a couple of times but doesn't leave a msg.
 Aug 28th, 2014
Bad connection, Indian accent, claiming something is wrong with my computer. Wanted me to press the Microsoft key and R. I asked what that was supposed to do and what was allegedly wrong with my computer and she hung up on me.
 Aug 27th, 2014
This call is a robo call saying "your computer has a very bad problem and press 1 for help" They have called me many times since almost a year ago I thought I was getting help from a Windows tech. I used my visa to pay for 2 hrs of an asian sounding man running try outs from multiple cleaning websites on my 2 systems. They were in my pc doing it. Then after that I get these calls. I would never have allowed him to get into my system from some foreign country using free software trials, had I had found out sooner that he was not with windows, but scamming too trusting people, as now I feel so vulnerable
 Aug 12th, 2014