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Compensation shall be determined and paid within the limits of liability person
responsible, at most, however, stated in the contract guaranteed amount. Sum
Warranty may not be less than the equivalent in gold:
1) in the case of personal injury - 5 000 000 in relation to one
event whose consequences are covered by insurance regardless of the number
2) In case of damage to property - 1 000 000 in relation to one
event whose consequences are covered by insurance regardless of the number
- Calculated using the average exchange rate announced by the National
Polish Bank at the date of injury.

2) The insurance of buildings forming part of the farm from fire and other accidents, "the insurance of farm buildings."
The building forming part of a farm - a work of area exceeding 20 m2 defined in Article. 3 point 2 of the Act of July 7, 1994 - Construction Law (OJ of 2000 No 106, pos. In 1126, as amended. D.) 2), owned by the farmer;
Compulsory insurance of agricultural building coverage is formed on the building roof.

The farm buildings insurance is entitled to compensation for damage in buildings due to random events such as: fire, hurricane, flood, flooding, torrential rain, hail, snow, lightning, explosions, landslides, subsidence, avalanches or falling ship aircraft.
Second For damages caused by:
1) fire - considered to be damage caused as a result of the fire that escaped
outside the furnace or hearth, and was not extended by own strength;
2) hurricane - considered to be damage caused by wind with a speed of not less than 24 m / s, which does massive damage caused to, a single injury is considered to be caused by the hurricane, when in the neighborhood had hurricane activity;
3) flood - is considered to damage caused by flooding in the following areas
the rising level of water, in running or standing water;
4) flooding - is considered to damage caused by flooding of land as a result of heavy rainfall or runoff on hillsides or mountain slopes and wavy;
5) The torrential rain - considered to be damage caused by rainfall
performance ratio of at least 4;
6) hail - is considered to damage caused by precipitation composed of lumps of ice;
7) Snow - considered to be damage caused by excess snow
85% of the characteristic (the norm), the ground snow load, as the zone in which the insured building as defined in the applicable standard Polish "snow load" condition for the recognition of the damage is caused by snow,
that at least one meteorological station of the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, located in the same zone or zones with a lower characteristic value of snow load within 100 miles of the insured building, measured the weight of the snow cover of more than 85% of the characteristic (norm) of the place
location of the building;
8) lightning - is considered to damages resulting from lightning strikes;
9) explosion - considered to be damage caused by sudden changes in the equilibrium of the simultaneous release of gases, dust or vapor, caused by the spread of their competence with respect to blood pressure and other such containers, to be recognized
damages for the explosion is caused to the walls of these vessels and tanks were torn in such proportions that by the mouth of the gas, dust, vapor or liquid was sudden pressure equalization, the resulting explosion is considered the damage caused by the implosion, consisting of
damage to the tank or external pressure vacuum apparatus;
10) a landslide - is considered to damage caused by subsidence
land and the removal of soil, except that for the damage caused by:
a) the collapse of the earth - is considered to damage caused by the decrease in
area due to the collapse of underground voids in the ground,
b) removal of the earth - is considered to damage caused by earth movements on the slopes;
11) tumble - is considered to damage caused by underground shocks, caused by rupture of the rocks, caused by violation of the balance of power in these rocks;
12) avalanche - is considered to damage caused by sudden sliding or rolling down the mountain slopes or wavy: the masses of snow, ice, rocks, stones, earth or mud;
13) The fall of aircraft - considered to be damage caused by the crash or forced landing of the aircraft, engine or other non-motorized flying object, and the resulting collapse of its parts or cargo.

We offer a full range of insurance:

Comprehensive insurance coverage against all risks - "All Risks"
Insurance against fire and other accidents
Insurance against burglary and robbery
Machinery insurance from damage
Electrical machinery insurance from electrical damage
Insurance for vandalism (destruction of)
Insurance windows and glass objects from breakage
Cash value insurance
Insurance of electronic equipment
Insurance against loss of profit
Liability insurance
Insurance against all risks of construction and assembly
Transport insurance
Property insurance in transport
The insurance carrier's liability in domestic traffic
Liability insurance carriers on international routes
Liability Insurance Freight Forwarder
Group accident insurance

Zrowotne Insurance Compensa SA VIG

Health Insurance for Individual Clients is available in four variants:

Outpatient treatment:

-Compensa Health Plus
Health Compensa-COMPLEX (new variant)

Hospital treatment:

-Hospital Benefit
-Provision of Operating (new product)

In terms of outpatient Compensa Health provides:

-Clear and understandable scope of protection
-Non-cash using the services of the network of LIM Medical Center (in Pulawy INTERNUS branch network)
-A wide variety of medical specialists without referrals and limits
-Full range of diagnostic tests
-Quick and convenient access to medical care
-Freedom to choose a medical facility within the network LIM Medical Center, which provides services at the highest level, and an extensive network of over 270 medical centers covers the whole country
-Medical care while traveling and abroad
-Preferred value for the scope of services offered
-Hour helpline available to the insured.

In terms of hospital treatment Compensa Health provides:

-The high provision allowing for the costs of hospital treatment
-Efficient payment of insurance benefits and the provision of hospital operating

Insured may be:

-An individual who, on writing down the request has not completed 65 years of age
-A person who holds Polish citizenship or residence card in Poland for at least 12 months from the date of the beginning of the period of insurance
-A person under 20 - year old may be covered by insurance, along with a parent or legal guardian.
Health insurance is also available for corporate clients.
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