Throughout the year I have received several threatening phone calls from the people behind this phone number and as a result of my investigation I found out the scam callers names are Jack Walker room 206, and the landlord Sue Patel of the Potter Hotel, of which is a residential SRO located at 1288 Mission Street, San Francisco, 94103. This is a residence for individuals with low income and they have been doing this scam to several of thousands of people for over 10 years; getting away with it; posing to be housing realtors, short term money and mortgage loans, as well as do identity thefts (taking over deceased peoples SSI / Will money / estates) etc. I used geolocation and the program, "Trapcall" to find their locations from the various numbers they used to call me, of which include: 805-637-7243, 855-367-4537, 323-229-8205, 203-242-0031, 209-696-7205, 800-430-4263, 415-410-7405, 442-243-5491, 323-219-4497, 415-231-1572, 415-345-3433, 415-262-2600. The problem I'm currently dealing with is where the money they got from me went to.
 Oct 29th, 2018