This phone number is calling to try to SCAM money for the CA Fraternal Order of Police. I have NOT called the number, nor will I. It directs you to a customer service department that can answer questions using potentially manipulative techniques, help you waste your donation on fundraising fees, or anything else related to the FOP getting a small fraction of your donation, 12% to 27% Some fundraiser's pocket as much as 73% to 90% and up. Also, there
anti snow
 Aug 25th, 2010
This phone number is calling to do fund raising for the Los Angeles County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #1. I have called the number. It directs you to a customer service department that can answer questions, help you donate, or anything else related to the FOP. Also, there’s information on . Plus, you can contact them there with any questions or requests.
The FOP is doing a lot of really great things for LA County police officers and the people that call are trying to help them raise money so they can do even more good.
 Jan 21st, 2010
This number is used for fundraising for the Los Angeles County Fraternal order of Police. We are raising money to help our officers. If you have any questions, please call the number on your call id and you will be directed to our customer service department.
 Oct 08th, 2009
Keeps calling. Las call 9/28/09
 Oct 03rd, 2009
I also received a call from LA FoP Found #323-208-3952. I was a little curious because my auto has -Fop-- on my plate?
 Oct 02nd, 2009
I got a call from them last night, from 323-208-3952. I am also on the Do Not Call registry; unfortunately, charitable organizations, political organizations, telephone surveyors, and other such nuisances, are exempt under the law-- because they are not telemarketers. My phone is also unlisted. Telephone canvassers do not use telephone directories, they just call every number in the area they want to cover (that's why their call centers are sometimes called "boiler rooms"). When I do not recognize the caller ID displayed, I usually answer (just in case), but am prepared to dismiss the caller. The rep from LA FOP asked for the lady of the house. When I told him I live alone, he started in with his pitch: "The police keep you safe, but you probably do not think of us." I Googled on LA FOP FOUND, found this page, and that Los Angeles and Louisiana both have a Fraternal Order of Police that go by LA FOP FOUND.
 Sep 20th, 2009
on my screen the number reads 323-208-3952
 Sep 19th, 2009
I get a call from "LA FOP FOUND" every evening between 7 and 8pm - 323-208-3952 is the number of the caller. It is extremely frustrating to be unable to stop these annoying calls.
 Sep 10th, 2009
If you have a complete choice package from AT&T, your line is equipped with Call Screen/ Caller ID. As soon as you see LA FOP FOUND on your Caller ID, do not answer the phone. After it stop ringing or after they hung up, use the CALL SCREEN menu from AT&T by pressing *60 (asterisk 60) and follow instructions. To Turn On CALL SCREEN, press 3. To include the tel. number of the last caller (LA FOP FOUND), press # 01 #. AT&T says if this phone number called(LA FOP FOUND), your home phone will not ring instead LA FOP FOUND will hear a polite message that you do not want to talk to them. As User ID "C" wrote, They have another phone number 323-208-3952 I do not know if it will work or not because I just turned ON my CALL SCREEN feature today. Hope it works.
Mr. D.
 Sep 05th, 2009
Check comments for 323-208-3941 ......323-208-3941 same caller
 Sep 05th, 2009
Sleazy charity telemarketer. Calls repeatedly. When I finally answered to tell them to remove me, they wouldn't let me get a word in and cheerily said they'd try again later and hung up. DO NOT give money to telemarketer charities. Very little of the money actually goes to the organization they're claiming to represent.
 Aug 26th, 2009