Countrywide Home Loans is involved in a class action lawsuit because one of their upper mangement financial guys sold their customer information - phone numbers, home addresses, etc. That's why you're on these peoples lists: Home improvement, Window Installation, Gov't. Loans ("Due to President Obama's recent signing of ..."), carpet intalls, cleaning, air conditioning, construction, duct cleaning, chimney sweepers, house cleaning, lawn maintenance, etc. I live in a condo and a window installer wanted me to replace my windows - you just can't do that in a Condo - when I said no, they got very rude.

Once I received the court paperwork I realized that this was the reason I've been inundated with these phonecalls. They got your number illegally. Doesn't matter if you're on the "Do Not Call" list, because they don't check it, they just read the numbers they purchased. Some callers are from 800 numbers and some are local. Hope this helps and good luck!
 Dec 04th, 2010