'Credit Card Services' that claimed 'nothing wrong with your account, press 9 to connect to member services to lower your interest rate to 6.99%' - pressed 9, call disconnected
 May 27th, 2011
this number called my cell phone this evening~ no message left.
Carla H
 May 26th, 2011
sounds like scam ... lower your credit card rate
 May 24th, 2011
unknown caller. didn't recognize the area code so I hit'send' to answer, then hung up. not talking strangers on my cell phone.
Nunya Bidness
 May 18th, 2011
OK, they called me again! When I told "Michael Brown" that I was on the Do Not Call list, he told me that if I have a credit card, it's in the agreement that I can receive these calls. SERIOUSLY! The credit card companies don't have my cell phone number and they shouldn't be able to randomly call any number. This is totally wrong! Somebody needs to stop these scammers!
 May 13th, 2011
Called my cell phone for the third time this year and all my phones are on the Do Not Call list. It's starting to tick me off!
 May 12th, 2011
Taped message says "This is Account Services calling about your credit cards... help lower interest rates... press 9 to talk to someone." When you press 9, you get connected to the human who says "thank you for accepting our offer, how can I help you?"

Me: Who are you and why did you call me?
Different human voice: I'm with Account Services and would like to help lower the interest rates on your credit cards.
Me: What credit card company do you work for?
Him: Account Services.
Me: Which of my credit cards would you like to lower my interest rate on?
Him: The ones with the higher rates. I don't have immediate access to you accounts to know which ones you have.
Me: So you're soliciting me to help lower my interest rates?
Him: No. That would make it a sales call.
Me in Michigan
 May 11th, 2011
Message: about reducing credit card rates. Scammer
 May 11th, 2011
unnxryant must be one of the scam artists. They are saying it is a very important number, I am sure it is to them trying to scam someone.
Fed Up
 May 10th, 2011
These scumbags are putting Wireless Caller on their ID to push their scams. Call the number back and you can't get anyone. There are so many of these worthless pieces of Sh**t out there the FTC can't even keep up with them. Maybe if they put more control on phone numbers like they do with guns.
Fed Up
 May 10th, 2011
This number is very important but it is use the not responding any call.
 May 10th, 2011
Another robocaller, Hello, this is Rachel from Credit Card accounts. There is nothing wrong with your credit card. . . . Isn't it time for the FTC to do something about these unsolicited robocalls, since we have reported so many, many times about these calls.
 May 03rd, 2011
Only left part of a message. Something about my account???????
 May 02nd, 2011
they never left a message
 Apr 28th, 2011
no message left
 Apr 28th, 2011