Caller says I owe money to their company. It's a scam because I am only here on vacation from Canada and I am using a Walmart mobile phone I purchased 3 days ago.
 Apr 27th, 2012
One of my friends I sometimes use as a reference got a call from this number about a month ago. They said that I owed money for an outstanding paid day loan and had to pay them $1200. They told my friend if I didn't call them back in 15 minutes that serious legal action would be taken. Keep in mind I had NEVER received a call from them myself. If I had and they had left a voice mail stating that legal action would take place if I didn't return the call, I of course would return the call. So I call them back the guy with a strong Indian accent identified himself as Ray Feleck and tells me I have committed fraud and owe $1200 for a loan to a company called Cash America Pay Day Loan Company. He is very rude and persistent. I am telling him I can not afford to pay that amount as he is telling me that I have to pay all up front in order to not face legal action. Now he told me he was from a Law Office. If in deed he is then wouldn't that be legal action. I keep telling him I can't pay. He tells me to hold and when he comes back on the line he says he has "great news" for me. He tells me that they were able to got the owed money down to $600 and they would be willing to accept 3 equal payments of $200 as long as I pay the first payment to them that coming Friday 9-11-2009. He tells me he has been working at this place for 1.5 years and this is the first time anything like this has happened. Giving the situation and the fact that I do have a couple of unpaid payday loans I agree to do it. He tells me that since I had forgotten about my loan to the above mentioned company I must fax him a notarized letter atating that I was unaware of the loan, that I intend to pay and the dates and amounts I am to pay. He gives me a fax number with a 208 area code. Which is an area code out of Idaho. He is in California. If this Law Office is in California shouldn't they have a local fax number? So I fax them the letter but I forget to put the amounts that I am going to pay I only put dates. After he receives the fax he calls me back to tell me he did but that I forgot this information and that I have to send him ANOTHER notarized letter and add that information. I never do and he never calls back to find out why and when I will. Once the money is taken out it says the name of a company called Dtech Evolutions. My partner and I research this company online and all that comes up are things stating fraud and the same sort of situation I just explained. I dispute the claim with my bank and they refund me my $200. My next payment is scheduled to come out 10-16-2009 and they called me this morning 10-15-2009 as a reminder. I did not answer since I was sleeping at the time of the call. They aren't getting a dime as I changed my Card information and my bank knows I disputed them as fraud. I can't wait to get the call once the payment is declined. Hopefully I will be able to answer the phone so I can laugh at them and tell them I know they are a scam and if they call me again I will seek my own legal action!
 Oct 15th, 2009