This is another scam phone call. I don't understand why law enforcement can't shut them down. I called the number back and the recording said they were not accepting phone calls at this time. From other websites, it appears that Aeroturbine Inc is running a scam that consumers will get money from the government- a rebate- if you let them come and do an energy audit of your house- and then repair it. Of course- there is no money and the repairs are bad. They call from lots of numbers- including cell phones.
 Mar 05th, 2011
Second call in two days. Left message saying I was referred by a friend or family member for a free home energy analysis, says it has already been paid for sice I was referred. Says they will show me how to stop my energy from leaking out of my home. Says to call 1-800-837-1239 to confirm appointment. Sounds like a scam and I know that no friend or family member would refer me for that crap. I googled the call back number and it appears that they are calling from many different numbers in many different areas to try to scam people.
 Mar 05th, 2011