This number and 321-961-2170 321-961-5671 are cell phones being misused bt auto callers and when i call back it disconnects my call, This needs to stop auto callers using cell phones to advertise falsely for "Florida Power and Light"
 Mar 11th, 2011
My husband's cell phone got this call that FPl or Progress Energy wants to do an energy audit at your house so you can get stimulus money. This is a major scam- was on the television news and in the newspaper. How do these low life scums get cell phone numbers?
 Mar 11th, 2011
This is another scam call telling people that they are entitled to stimulus money if they let this "company" come and do an energy audit. They imply it is FPL or Progress Energy. Of course they will find something that needs repair. The repairs are substandard and there is no rebate money. Why can't the police stop these type of scam calls that might hurt unsuspecting people- especially seniors? Shame on these callers- they are disgusting! This has been reported on the news- the company keeps changing their phone number to make it difficult to trace!
 Mar 09th, 2011