The same story as others have told. Was told they were calling on behalf of the magazine subscriptions I received, and could save me $10 a month on my magazine bill. As we only get 3 magazines a month, something did not ring true and she could not tell me which magazines she was talking about. I did ask her what kind of scam they were running, that either you're trying to sell me something, or you are trying to scam me. She said that they weren't doing either, just checking to make sure we were getting our magazines on time. Which magazines? She said she didn't have that information.

After taking another minute to wake up more fully (I'd been up with sick child and finally got him to sleep, only to have the phone ring) I told them all my magazines were gift subsciptions and that I did not make any payments to anyone for them. She said my number must have "jumped" into her system. HUH? Call ended when I told her we only had the gift subsciptions, and she said she would have her manager look into it. I hope that means I will be removed from the dupe list.
 Oct 27th, 2009
Someone from this number called me as well. They knew my name and wanted my birthdate,most used credit card (type only), whether I was married and then made the comment "happily I hope", totally nobodys business. They knew my address and was trying to tell me that I subscribe to their "unnamed" magazines and that I apy a monthly fee which I do not. I told them I didnt know what they were talking about and they said its very simple, I am giving you a discount on your monthly payment. I said I have no payment and I aint paying anything. He said I will put your name down for a general manager to call you in the morning and he hung up on me. CReep!
 Oct 21st, 2009
After many calls where no one spoke when I answered, finally when I picked up someone spoke. I wanted to find out why these people keep pestering me. There is something very wrong going on here. It started out as something vague about magazines, but the information he gave had nothing to do with me, so I think it's some sort of fishing expedition. He kept pressing me for identifying information (he knew my name, but wanted to "verify" my date of birth, and was annoyed that I wouldn't just answer his questions). When I told him I chose not to give him my date of birth, he hung up while I was in mid-sentence.
 Oct 15th, 2009
The caller said that he was from Treasure Coast Readers, the distributor of magazines that I subscribe to. However, he couldn't give me the name of any of the magazines, which just seemed sketchy to me. I pushed and asked him what the point of his call was. He said that he wanted to save me $10 a month on my subscriptions which he said I was already paying them for. This is BS. All of my subscriptions are paid for direct to the publishers annually by me, they don't debit my account. I stayed on the line long enough to have him ask his first question, which was my birthdate. There is no reason they should need that, so I hung up at this point. I dunno, I looked them up on the BBB and they are an accredited company with only 9 complaints, but they still seem off to me. I found this post on here that sounds exactly like my experience and refers to the same company and there were certainly lots of people who felt they'd been deceived:
 Oct 14th, 2009