This is just the NEW number (SPOOFED to LOOK like it comes from Washington, DC) from the previous numbers which looked like they were coming from Oregon and Washington State and other places.

Numbers like:


Of course, with the upcoming election, they are using (SPOOFING/FAKING) an area code and Caller ID ("District of Columbia" ) to make it look like they are legitimate political calls. They ARE NOT.

These calls are MOST LIKELY coming from OVERSEAS somewhere: Malaysia, Hong Kong, The Philippines, India, Pakistan, etc. "Exempt" from ALL American laws, especially the DNC List, although the OWNERS of this company are Americans who know EXACTLY what they are doing and that its CRIMINAL.

BEST to NEVER ANSWER and don't even let it go to voicemail or answering machine, if you can prevent it. Pick up/hang up immediately without answering OR press "Ignore" on your cell, if you have it, to disconnect the call and 'confuse' the robodialer. Helps cut down on number/frequency of the calls.

We got ONE call from this number tonight at 8:26PM; almost at the 9PM cut off time. We let this one go to answering machine, but in retrospect I should have known it was SPAM: there are NO LEGIT NUMBERS with a "0" as the middle number in the EXCHANGE (second set in the sequence), as it "805". Wish I taken my own advice and 'broken' the call.
Caller: "District of Columbia" on CALLER ID
 Sep 18th, 2012
Called at 11:39am; just in time to bother me while eating my lunch. No message left on my machine.
 Aug 02nd, 2012
No Al, you ''just don't get it''. The FTC did not promise you a magical shield to repel all nuisance calls. Credit reprice scammers are not ''getting around'' your DNC registration, as you claimed six minutes later in a similar thread. They simply don't care about it.


A mass of complaints to the FTC and attorneys general has helped the FTC choke off several credit reprice scammers in the past two years. Individual action through a TCPA lawsuit would be a strong suggestion, if anyone manages to corner one of these scammers long enough. They hide easily behind spoofed numbers and shell companies, making legal compliance difficult.
 Jul 25th, 2012
I am on the registered "No Call List" . They just don't get it !!!!
 Jul 24th, 2012
The usual "lower your credit rate" scam automated call from "Rachel".
W.E in SC
 Jul 20th, 2012
stupid scammers
ass kicker
 Jul 16th, 2012
I wouldn't say they were a**holes; if they were, they would serve a useful purpose!
 Jul 11th, 2012