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 Nov 11th, 2019

 Nov 11th, 2019

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 Sep 26th, 2019
Called at 4:33 PM 12/11/08. Left no msg. Caller ID'd as "Florida."

Googled it and found this and many other reports/complaints about the "automobile warranty about to expire" scam attempts.

I've gotten at least 25 calls from at least 13 different numbers, almost all of which caller ID as "Florida" since December of 2007.

Here are the numbers (in order of use):

1 305-362-5314
1 305-408-6643
1 850-230-8870
1 850-626-1361
1 407 251-6572

A new number shows up about each month. They're "spoofing" caller ID, and and the phone numbers. They're also obviously changing to "new" numbers to avoid detection & countermeasures. Such as "Blocked Caller" lists.

I'm sharing this info with my Maryland Attorney General's Office and a major local TV outlet (WBAL-TV 11, Baltimore). As a result of a WBAL-TV investigative report on these "Florida" phone scammers, the OAG has promised an aggressive investigation to find and prosecute them ... and - to coordinate efforts with other states's AG's.

 Dec 12th, 2008
I got yet another call from these jokers. This time I got the guy to tell me the company was "Account Services" in Bel Air, Maryland. Sure, man. A web search turns up nothing by that name in Bel Air. Guy wouldn't tell me the street address. He told me the city after I said, "What are you afraid of? You running a scam?" The guy was actually offended by the word "scam." When I asked for the address again, he wanted to know if I was planning to pay them a visit.
 Oct 10th, 2008
 Oct 03rd, 2008
Credit rate scam, do NOT Answer
 Sep 26th, 2008
this is rediculous it asks you to press 2 if you don't want to be bothered they still call every night between 5 & 8 pm you cannot call the number back 321 729 9349 it is disconnected therefore it's fabricated to show up on caller ID these morons need to be dealt with accordingly
sick of this
 Sep 12th, 2008
This is the same company as Deland, Tampa Bay, Fl. I think when you tell them you no longer want their calls they just call that much more. I've told them over a dozen times and they keep calling anyway.
 Sep 11th, 2008
This time the call is from a health insurance 'company' asking when it would be okay for an agent to call back. I asked what the name of the company was, and they hung up.

Last time it was a credit card company - same phone number.
When I redial, I get 'We're sorry, you have reached a number that is no longer in service or has been disconnected. Please check the number and dial again.'

These people are racking up negative karma points.
 Sep 10th, 2008
wanted to extend car warranty but not from Nissan.
John Schenck
 Sep 10th, 2008
1-321-729-9349 Melbourne FL
 Sep 10th, 2008
Recording from my "credit card company," but I don't have a credit card. Bogus option to discontinue robocalls from this number by "press[ing] 2," but I still get the same call every week or two.
Michael V.
 Sep 10th, 2008
recorded msg re: expiring warranty
 Sep 10th, 2008
 Sep 10th, 2008
According to my research, the number belongs to a Samantha Locascio, age 26, 150 E. University Blvd. #21, Melbourne, Florida, 32901
 Sep 10th, 2008
as usual with spam telemarketing calls, this is an auto dialer & it usually does not leave a message. I have gotten several calls lately with the recorded BS about "account services" & "lowering your credit card interest rate". Problem is IF you EVER get to a human, they will NOT tell you which company they're with & this is a bogus phone number so how the heck can the FTC do anything about the No Call violation! I hate these assholes!
Karen in Texas
 Sep 09th, 2008
Didn't answer, no message left. If it's for a lower credit intrest rate they are wasting their time with this household -we have NO credit cards -I hate these idiotic phone calls for crap like that!
 Sep 09th, 2008
Called 3 times today, I picked up the last one and it was a pre-recorded message saying my car warranty has expired (have heard this one before.. no its not..) damn scammers.
I pressed 1 to speak with a representative because I wanted to have a little fun with them. (which car has expired? you tell me etc)
Rang and rang for 30 rings then hung up.
 Sep 09th, 2008
These people keep calling no matter how many times you ask them to stop. Nobody wants telemarketing calls, so why not ban them entirely? The DO NOT CALL registry is a total fraud upon the public; it was never intended to be enforced. These career politicians are all bought and paid for by the Direct Marketing Association. The Republicans and Democrats are just mocking your intelligence by pretending they care about your property rights. If you voted for them, you deserve these harassing phone calls.
 Sep 09th, 2008
Recording saying my auto warranty is about to expire and press 1 to talk to a rep. I pressed 1 and after 10 rings a person named Shilo(sp) answered saying she was from Warranty Renewal and asked for my auto vin#. I asked her to wait while I wrote down her name and company name and she said no problem she get's paid by the hour. I then told her I get paid by her phone call because I have asked them a number of time to stop calling me. She said that nice and quickly hung up. Scam Scam Scam.
 Sep 09th, 2008
Didn't answer phone, caller did not leave a message
 Sep 09th, 2008
Let answering machine pick up, no message.
 Sep 08th, 2008
I keep receiving calls from this number. They never leave a message. Today I called the number back and it says the number has been disconnected. Loosers!!!
 Sep 06th, 2008
Message left on answering machine only had the very end of the message saying "your file will be closed". No idea who this caller is or what it is about.
 Sep 06th, 2008
Didn't answer, no message left.
 Sep 06th, 2008
telemarketing company's name is:
EBSCO, and the number to the customer service department, 1-800-243-7616
Customer complaints email is:

EBSCO Industries, Inc. P.O. Box 1943 or 5724 Hwy. 280 East Birmingham, AL 35201-1943 Birmingham, AL 35242 Main line: 205-991-6600 I

Pick up the phone and give the bastards a call....
Sly Kyote
 Sep 05th, 2008
total bull shit. hung up when i asked what company they were calling from and what car they were calling about.
 Sep 05th, 2008
I've been getting this same call. I think this may be the 2nd or 3rd time. that this was my last chance to have lower interest rates on my current account, and to press 1 to speak to a representative.

I pressed 1 to see what happened...some lady answered & said she could lower my interest rate.

I asked her for what card? (cause I have so many, yeah right). She said for all of them. SO I asked her what her number was. She told me it was on the back of my credit card. SO I asked again which one cause out of the many I had they are all different numbers?! She hung up...they didn't want to play anymore! BIG scam!!
 Sep 04th, 2008
Go to and file a complaints!
 Sep 04th, 2008
Left message on answering machine...pretty much what others reported..want to lower the current interest rates on my current 1 for that or 2 for no more calls. Sick of these stupid calls like everyone else...I was taking a nap! Have been on the do not call list since it started, shudder to think what it would be like if not on it, lol!
 Sep 04th, 2008
"Hi, This is Heather . . .! CLICK . . . Dial tone to follow. I signed up for the government DO NOT CALL list . . so much for that!
 Sep 04th, 2008
Caller said my "auto warranty was up for renewal." Insisted that I was sent a notice in the mail... All vehicles here are 10+ yrs old! There's NO
warranties to renew. "So, would you like to BUY a warranty?" When I said "absolutely not" he hung up. SCAMMER.
 Sep 03rd, 2008
I just got an automated call from this number which told me to hold about info on renewing my automobile warranty. They wanted me to supply my VIN number. When I declined and told them that they called me and I would like to know why, they hung up on me. When I called it back, they said the number was disconnected or no longer in service.
 Sep 02nd, 2008
Did not answer call -- Didn't leave a message on machine
 Sep 02nd, 2008
called on 8/29/08 @ 4:42pm - left partial VM saying 'last chance to take advantage of this offer' or words to that effect, this is a do not call listed number.
M. L.
 Aug 31st, 2008
out of lack of foresight i ment to mention that we all should keep a call log from and to because these #s can be traced its just a matter of getting enough complaints so they are aware it trully is a nusance prob and also could lead to identity theft..
jb o
 Aug 30th, 2008
why dont we all start calling them around the clock using *67 from every pay phone in the country theyll change there # and well play the game all over again and in the process uncle sam can locate where these calls are then lock em up if they are in deed in this country.
 Aug 30th, 2008
Another fine government program that doesn't work. DO NOT CALL is a joke.
 Aug 29th, 2008
scam they try to get your credit card info. I am on the do not call list. when I call back the number they use it states number has been disconnected
 Aug 28th, 2008
This was an extended auto scam. My teenager answered the phone, and the kid (normally a bright child) gave them the VIN, name, the age of the car (13) and mileage (116,000) for our car. I've got a call in to the state cobsumer affairs office and I'm reporting them to the "do not call" site. They really are ruthless.
M. E.
 Aug 28th, 2008
Auto warranty expiration call (scam?)
They asked for info on my car; when I asked whether we already had a policy with them, they hung up without further comment.
 Aug 27th, 2008
I answered and they hung up. I then called back, but it said the number had been disconnected.
 Aug 27th, 2008
Auto-called by a company calling itself 'Consumer Services'. Pressed "1". "Jasmine" answered. I asked her the name of the company - she said "Consumer Services - we work with Mastercard." I asked "What's the address for Consumer Services" and she said "Oh!" and hung up. It's obviously a usury scam. I wish to high heavens that the FTC would bust these guys. We get called about once a month illegally. We're on the national do-not-call list.

These people need to fry in hell.
 Aug 26th, 2008
caller id read Melbourn, Fl,computer generated voice said this was last chance to lower interest rates, press 1 to do so, since I have received this call before and pressed 2, which was to not receive any more calls, I pressed 1, and a very rude male answered, I told him I did not want to receive any more calls from them, and he said I had called him when I pressed 1, he would not tell me who they were representing and hung up on me. Very irritating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mary machovina
 Aug 25th, 2008
I received a call from this number on my cell phone today. When I tried to return the call to the number listed on the phone, it said the number was disconnected or not in service at this time. After reading the other comments on this list, I do believe it was probably some company calling about my warranty expiring on my car. We purchased a used vehicle in December. It was over 100,000 miles so they dealer told us then there was no extended warranty available on it, so I know this are bogus offers. I've been inundated with them ever since we purchased this vehicle.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
"Don't be alarmed, but this is your last chance for lower interest rates." 10am Saturday morning. Tried calling back but got message saying the number had been disconnected or was no longer in service.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
They call me every month. I do not owe any money on credit cards, and have asked to be removed from list. I tell them I'm on do not call list. They sometimes jus thang up, or say they will take me off list. This has gone on for almost a year. Does not help, they keep calling. Today guy told me that do not call list is ignored by them. I asked for is name, he said 'John Corleone" which was pretty phony. He got rude, then nasty. I called complaint line of Do Not Call list division of New York State, don't know if anything will be done.
 Aug 23rd, 2008
no message left on answering machine but called ID lists Florida #.
 Aug 22nd, 2008
Recieved a call today. The prerecorded message said they have tried calling me several times to reduce my credit card debt and this was my last chance. Pressed 2 to remove my number from the list.
 Aug 22nd, 2008
This number called me but i have no clue who called it was and I was told it was a disconnected number
David Zapata
 Aug 22nd, 2008
said we had a delinquent credit card account (we don't) and tried to sign us up for a credit card machine (which makes no sense--why give someone a credit card machine who has a delinquent account?
 Aug 22nd, 2008
Auto-dialer. Hate these things.
 Aug 21st, 2008
I have been hounded by these people for months. I asked them to stop calling. I told them I was on the DO NOT CALL LIST. They just keep calling. If you know how to launch a law suit against these people, please contact me at d g d at c r u z i o dot com. Thanks.
 Aug 21st, 2008
Caller is trying to steal your identity. They are not a financial company, only a bunch of CRIMINAL looking to steal you information. The phone number displayed are bogus too!
 Aug 21st, 2008
When I answered the phone it was an automated message about lowering my interest rate on home mortgage, after I waited on the line someone came on and asked if I owed more than 3000$ in credit card debt. When I asked how they got my phone number she asked again, i said no and she hung up.
 Aug 21st, 2008
"reduce rates" - Claimed to be "Card Services" of Bel Air, MD
 Aug 21st, 2008
Looks like you're supposed to call FBI as soon as you receive any phone call from this particular number. Probably, they have some cover aka non-profitable corporation. The thing is that they rather use it for fraudulent activity and private and financially sensitive info collection, and possible scam. Posting here does nothing, except exchanging our nuisance / bad experience(s)
 Aug 21st, 2008
Previous to August 20, 2008 they were offering low interest rates and credit cards. On 8/20, they began offering automobile warranties. A recorded message offered me a warranty (My car is over 10 years old). Obviously a gimmick to get me to call back.

In addition to reporting on the DNC list, I have found a website for reporting these folks to the FCC (, which I will also do
vigilant user
 Aug 21st, 2008
These idiots just called my 12 year old son's cell phone. He got a kick out of the message that his car's warranty is about to expire.
 Aug 20th, 2008
Wonder if this number is associated with 321.729.9349. There are similarities.
 Aug 20th, 2008
Call offers reduced interest rates on a credit card I do not have.
 Aug 19th, 2008
We get a message about our last chance to get a low interest loan. I WOULD TREAT THIS AS A FRAUD CALL. The out come is to try to obtain enough personal information to get an identity to market.
 Aug 19th, 2008
I'm hoping that adding to the complaint list - somebody will stop these guys. They are very nasty on the phone.
Tired of this
 Aug 18th, 2008
I didnt answer, when i called back it said it was disconnected
 Aug 18th, 2008
Claiming that I "shouldn't be alarmed, but this is my last chance to lower the interest rates on [my] credit cards." Puh-leeze!
 Aug 17th, 2008
I tried to call back and got the recording that it ws a disconnected number. Probably the same outfit that left recordings about my interest rates in my voice mail in recent days.
Maria Boyer
 Aug 16th, 2008
Don't know who it was- Didn't answer and they didn't leave a msg. I have been on the do not call list since January 2008, so they just got reported.
 Aug 16th, 2008
Got a call, knew it was spam, pressed 1 to be connect. Women asked for my name and phone number. I verified. She said I was getting a call because they sent me a letter and I did not respond. Said that they could give me a lower interest rate on my credit card for debt over $3,000. I asked her what company she was with. She said "Financial Services." I asked "So you're not with my credit card company, how can you offer me a lower interest rate?" I told her I pressed 1 to have my number removed from their dialing list. She said "Why didn't you say that from the start." I told her she immediately launched into her spiel and I was just being polite. She told me "Thanks for wasting my time." I told her I was happy to oblige. Didn't get removed from the call list, though.
Tom Brazelton
 Aug 14th, 2008
Offer to lower interest rate on "your account"; "Last chance": press 1 for lower rate, or 2 to no longer receive this offer (WHAT??!! Please be my last chance!!) Pressed 1 and spoke with Jamay (?), She asked for my phone # (what # was she calling?), I asked for who she was with and her fast & slurred response was "E S (something)", I responded, "E S what?", then the call abruptly ended. Will someone give them a police/FBI phone number? Lord knows the FCC ain't going to do anything!
Tom in Texas
 Aug 14th, 2008
Computer call at 9:00 PM saying it was my last chance to lower my credit card ---I hung up before any further message was received
 Aug 14th, 2008
Received call from 321-729-9349. Regarding lowering high interest rate credit cards. Did not give my credit card number, then the person hung up.
 Aug 13th, 2008
Laura from Satellite TV 888-680-2759
James Linderman
 Aug 13th, 2008
i got a call from this number but i didn't pick up
 Aug 13th, 2008
I've gotten this call several times, and also a call with an area code that begins with 05. I think it is some sort of phishing scam. Once you get a human on the phone and ask them what company they represent, they either hang up or say "Accounts Services." I think they're phishing for credit card numbers. Scam! Stay away!
 Aug 12th, 2008
i just got a call from this #. Second time, the first time i got a call from this # the lady hung up on me when i asked for her company name. This time i answered the phone pressed 1. A lady named mary came on the line asking for my name and phone #. So i asked what the name of her company was and she studdered again asking for my phone #. i replied again asking for the name of the company she said it was financial services. I told her that her # came up as fruad online and asked her her location to which she replied "the lower eastern regions of the us." (my cell caller id says flordia) i told her i was goin to press charges if her and f'ing company didn't stop calling me. She told me i had to be single with a mouth like that and then hung up. This makes me really fustrated and annoyed that she wouldn't give me any information. Next time im gonna get more info before i get angry ask them to stop calling. Such as give them the wrong name and if that actually verifies ask them why it verified when it was wrong. Or ask for a phone # to call back at cuz its a bad time right now (i tried to redial the # and it went to the recording that says "this number is disconnected and is no longer in service. if you feel you have reached this # in error please hang up and try again. i suggest u see what all u can get out of them. This angers me cuz i work hard for what i have and its stupid people like "mary" that make it hard for the rest of us.
 Aug 11th, 2008
disconnected upon answer... I'm on the do not call list. Frustrating!
 Aug 11th, 2008
called at 9:28PM, 8/05/2008 woke up the child, canned partial message on answering machine as I finally picked up
 Aug 11th, 2008
Don't mess with these Jokers, threatening to call you 15 more times is untenable! If you are on the DNC Registry, report them! IF YOU ARE NOT ON THE REGISTRY...GET ON IT. There is a place for comments when you turn one of these scum bags in! Otherwise, we have little protection from harassment.
 Aug 11th, 2008
No wonder telemarketing problems. See advertisement at

DFD Telebroadcasting Inc.
 Aug 10th, 2008
Got a call, hang up when the machine picked up.
 Aug 09th, 2008
Telemarketing call for credit card acount interest rate deduction.

Please report telemarketing to the FCC:
steven from ma
 Aug 09th, 2008
Our *newest* car is 13 years old and I'm sure it doesn't qualify for any warranty. I've received similar "your auto warranty is about to expire" calls in the past, and have asked every time to be removed from their call list. This time I sat on hold for 47 minutes and was disconnected when someone finally picked up. I called back and was told by a woman, "No, I didn't call you. I haven't been on the phone all morning." In the background, I could hear other people (sounds an awful lot like a "boiler room") probably giving the same lie to whomever was on the other end of their call. I dialed *57 to report the call, called back again and got "Glenda's" voice mail. This is not over.
CW Smith
 Aug 09th, 2008
I get calls from this number repeatedly. I never pick up on them because there is no name on the caller ID, I do not recognize the number, and if important they should leave a message. I am reporting them to the DO-NOT-CALL registry...
 Aug 08th, 2008
i get calls for a person named heather bloome all the time. try to explain to them taht I just got this number and they need to use other avenues to find this person. or i am going to file charges.. as soon as i figure out who this person is
 Aug 08th, 2008
Obviously a SPAM call - I hope somebody nails them.
 Aug 07th, 2008
Called my wife's cell phone this morning.
 Aug 07th, 2008
Didn't leave a message, but it showed up on caller ID. I am on the do not call list... so I don't know how they are able to call.
 Aug 07th, 2008
i did not answer and they did not leave a message.
 Aug 07th, 2008
Just got another (at least 20th call) and was home. Pressed "1" to "reduce my credit card debt", and was connected with a female. When I said I wanted to be taken off their call list, she replied, "Well then we'll set the computer to call you 15 more times dumba$$."
Please Note: I am on the "do not call list", and shouldn't be receiving ANY calls from them.
 Aug 06th, 2008
called me today too, i turned off my voicemail so they let it ring about 12 times before hanging up
 Aug 06th, 2008
Claimed I was the winner of some sort of contest. When I called the number back I got a recording stating the number was not in service. Couldn't tell if it was a faked "official sounding" telephone company recording.
 Aug 06th, 2008
File a complaint with They may wind up taking action.
 Aug 06th, 2008
Been getting messages from this number on my work cell phone for a few weeks now, finally pressed 1 to speak to a customer rep. Guy answered saying something about "account services". I spoke calmly asking to be taken off the call list as this is my work cell - guy promptly hung up on me. SPAMMING ASSHATS.
 Aug 06th, 2008
Called six times in a row and never left a message. I never picked up because it didn't look at all familiar.
 Aug 06th, 2008
I missed the call from this number @ 1:59pm and as always when I miss a call with a number I don't know, I googled it and it brought me here. Glad I missed this SPAM call. I'm also on the National DO NOT CALL REGISTRY so it's safe to say I'm a bit pissed that I still gets these kinds of calls.
Brookyln NY
 Aug 06th, 2008
I answered and it said - to lower your instrest rate please press 1, to be removed from our list please press 2. I pressed 2 since I don't have a credit card, and it said thank you you have been removed from our list. So we will see.
 Aug 06th, 2008