sounded Pakistani--"from windows tech"-my computer has been sending many error mssgs to windows & he's here to fix it. takes me to event viewer and can't believe all the errors but "don't click on any, we'll let the technician clean them out" then wants me to type in wwwsupport4, where I suggested I wouldn't turn my unit over to anybody that called me as I have no idea where/who I'm talking to. He then gives me this 5483# I tells me to ask for mike Wilson, every time I call the # and he'll call me back shortly, "when I'm satisfied he's from windows"----I called here instead.
leroy m
 Jan 07th, 2015
The Caller is a scam hacker who says he is from Microft tec support. He wants to get into your computer and tells you it was reported to Microft that I had a virus. When I asked to call him back in a few minutes he gave me this number. It turns out he wants to hack into my computer by getting me to allow him to put software on my computer that allows him to get inside and then he can steal my personal information; bank numbers, etc. He was very insistant and kept telling me my computer was going to crash.
L Berry
 Oct 31st, 2014
There already are laws to help you with different categories of callers, and they won’t be found in the Constitution.

Maybe if you’d help identify ‘’these calls’’ you could get some assistance. Reports on 800Notes suggest one of those Paki/Indian boiler rooms where scammers try to convince you to drop your PC security so they can quietly go mining for sensitive data. I would first try FTC and attorneys general for pointers, since you can’t sue these fools without a U.S. address to serve with a summons.
 Aug 24th, 2011
There needs to be legislation against these calls. It is unconstitutional!
Dan Reid
 Aug 23rd, 2011