I went to some bang ass party with this girl, lost her phone number and then ONE DAY, she called me up, not knowing the number I was hesistant to pick up my cell, but DAMN was I glad I did, cause that fine as chick was talking at my ear and DAMN it was like woooooo. We been back together ever since y'all :)

Words to the hood, dont drink too much, n dont go swimming with a cell phone. Water breaks phones. And if u bring a pad of paper and pen, dont go swimming with that either, cause that wont work. We will have to wait for those As seen on tv dudes to find something new to work with that situation.

Peace love n lube! We be rollin all nite lol.
 Nov 24th, 2008
Cocoa Cingular number
 Nov 24th, 2008