Actually the idea is to pay for debt renegotiation, or credit repricing, a service a total stranger on a cold call is not likely to perform. This is a long running scam. Some of the boiler rooms were shut down by the FTC last year, but the rest remain slippery. Keep pouring on complaints with the FTC and attorneys general.

See a few discussions on the credit reprice scam under these numbers : 714-244-5025, 402-982-0479
 Jun 02nd, 2011
Automated message: "your credit card account, there is nothing wrong with your credit card account...", "you may be eligible for a lower rate...", "press 9 to speak to a live representative..." Pressing 9 results in the call being hanged up. We are on the FCC national do not call registry and have no prior business with them, so this is probably a scummy telemarketer trying to get people to sign up for some credit card.
 Jun 02nd, 2011