Same as BLC, Miller Plante called also from phone # 407-875-3450 which is located in the same general area as the 321 number. Same name on caller ID. Two calls in one morning. I reported both numbers on as I am also registered on the National Do-Not-Call list.
 Apr 14th, 2008
This person or company continues to call me every morning for the past couple of weeks. By the time I get out of bed to check the phone, they've hung up. It's becomeing a consistant problem. I work nights and when I get home at 8 am the last thing I want is a phone call. I do not know what the Miller Plante is nor do I care. I am on a National Do-Not-Call list.
 Apr 13th, 2008
A man identified himself as Jim Bende'. He asked to speak to my husband by name.
When I pressed the point, he said he was checking on the yellow bags he sent us for our
septic system maintenance.
One, neither one of us has ever talked to him before.
Two, we don't have a septic system.
Three, we have an unlisted phone number and it is on the National Do-Not-Call list.
When I told him he must have a wrong number, he hung up.
I looked up the area code and it said, "Brevard County, Florida".
 Apr 12th, 2008