Crime Financial division called. They have called me numerous times over a 5 month period. It was detective Sam Sommers and this was a an entertaining call. I already know this is a scam and they attempt to scare you threatening arrest tomorrow at 11, SS# on hold, lawsuit, scare you by reading back all of your info from some online app you did. I have reproted locally and with FTC, Consumer Prtection ans sheriff. Today it went like this. " I am officer Sam Sommers." I already know you are a scam, I have reproted you. "I am with the FBI." Where are you, "New Jersey" Then why do you want me to call back a Florida number? "Why do you need this." So I can reportt you. what number are you calling me from? "why do you need this? "I have all of your information." I know, and you are going to arrest me tomorrow right? He actually said F you bit$$ and hung up. Hilarious. Don't agree to anything and don't confirm anything. If you do owe money, it is a civil case, you won't be arrested. They have to validate debt in writing. Don't answer your phone if you don't recognize number and don't return calls. Last time I called back as an attorney representing myself. I said, I am an attorney, you called my client. They said, You are an attorney? Yes. Click. Hung up. They are preying on the scared and weak. Good luck.
 Aug 25th, 2009