This is a scam. This is the first one I have gotten on my cell phone. I have had many on my home phone. They say this is your final notice to take opportunity to reduce rates, but they keep calling back. I answered a couple of times and told them to take me off the list. The last guy said i called him, then I started getting calls about once every hour harassing me. Don't respond at all. If you do not recognize the number let the answering machine or voice mail get it, because once to get someone on the line they will keep calling you. They want your credit card information and not to "reduce your rates". If it is not your credit card company do not talk to them, do not give them any info. If they say they are with a company that you actually have a card with, (I have had a few that are very clever and cool and really sound like they are with the company or bank,) get the contact info and compare it to the contact info you have and call the numbers you already have to check it out - so even if they say they are with your company, do not trust that, remember they should already have your info and shouldn't ask for it, even if they are in sales, and do not complete info for them - these are all scams. If they contact you don't give any info. This goes for bank accounts and credit cards. I have had this happen and I have alerted my providers - info does get hacked. Don't trust anyone!
 Jul 06th, 2012
Automated call about reducing rates on some account. Company not clearly identified, sound like a scam to me
 Jul 06th, 2012